• The SWMS Leadership Team is comprised of administrators, staff members and parents who have been elected to provide leadership in areas of School Improvement, Curriculum & Instruction, School Climate and other school matters.  Meetings are monthly and are open. All SWMS stakeholders are welcome to attend and contribute.

    2019-2020 Leadership Team Meeting Schedule

    1st Tuesday of the month at 4:10pm in Room 201


    SBLT 2019-20 By-Laws

    You may view our School Improvement Plan online with the following information.  This is a living document and you will be able to see the most updated version upon logging in. 


    Guest Login - Password / GuestS16431 - GuestS16431

    *SBLT meeting minutes can be accessed using the Guest Login and Password*

      You may also view a PDF version of our School Improvement plan: 2017-2019 SWMS School Improvement Plan PDF


    Leadership Team Members

    • Arlisa Armond (Admin) <armonda@gcsnc.com>
    • Eric Loveday (8th Grade) <lovedae@gcsnc.com>
    • Thomas Ehlers (Admin) <ehlerst@gcsnc.com>
    • Patty Forrest (PE/Health) <forresp@gcsnc.com>
    • Kristen Priest (Admin) <priestk@gcsnc.com>
    • Dianne Dennis (Classified) <dennish@gcsnc.com>
    • Dereck Sadler (Admin) <sadlerd@gcsnc.com>
    • Jessica Zinsmeister (Content Facilitator) zinsmej@gcsnc.com
    • Stephanie Linville (Cultural Arts-Chairperson) <linvils@gcsnc.com>
    • Janice Tolliver (Content Facilitator) <tollivj3@gcsnc.com>
    • Keisha Foreman (CTE) <whitakk@gcsnc.com>
    • Sabrina Winstead (Parent) <slwinstead3@gmail.com>
    • Cyndi Razik (parent) <cyndirazik@gmail.com>
    • Diane Cook (EC) <cookd@gcsnc.com>
    • Amy Kent (6th Grade) <kenta@gcsnc.com>


    • Amanda Burns (7th Grade) <burnsa@gcsnc.com>