• School Based Leadership Team Members

    Clark, Kim  clarkk3@gcsnc.com (Curriculum Facilitator)

    Fulmore, Tasha fulmort@gcsnc.com (Fourth Grade Rep)

    Harris, Karen harrisk5@gcsnc.com (Media Specialist)

    Headden, Tina headdet@gcsnc.com (Exceptional Children)

    Johnson, Beverly johnsob2@gcsnc.com (Specialist Rep)

    Joncas, Michael joncasj@gcsnc.com (Fifth Grade Rep and Leadership Chairperson)

    Mayhew, Melinda mayhewm@gcsnc.com (Assistant Principal)

    Muire, Camille muirec@gcsnc.com (First Grade Rep)

    North, Suzie norths@gcsnc.com (Exceptional Children)

    Poole, Brittney pooleb@gcsn.com (Kindergarten Rep)

    Roberts, April roberta2@gcsnc.com (AG)

    Walsh, Jill walshj@gcsnc.com (Principal)

    Walton, Jaymie  waltonj2@gcsnc.com  (Third Grade Rep)

    Wolf, Lynn Ann, wolfl@gcsnc.com (Second Grade Rep)

    Parent Representatives

    Cristin Marasco - PTA President

    Alicia Dugas - Parent


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    Our School Leadership Team meets once each month.  Agenda items are submitted in advance of meeting.

     Meeting Dates:

    August 14, 2019 January  
    September March 
    October April 
    November  May