• Our Mission

    We, in the Lincoln learning community, are dedicated to providing an emotionally and physically safe, positive, and nurturing environment for all in our quest for academic, social, and personal excellence as we strive to become contributing members of society.

    Our Vision

    The Academy at Lincoln is committed to providing a quality face-to-face and remote learning environment in which all students can achieve academic and social success through the arts and global studies.

    Our Values

    Diversity. We are committed to creating an educational organization where a variety of persons and perspectives are welcome. We are committed to providing an environment where students and staff from all cultures and backgrounds may succeed.

    Empathy. We are committed to developing a culture where our employees identify with and understand the feelings of our students and parents and their colleagues.  

    Equality. We are committed to creating a school system where everyone is appreciated and judged based solely on their contributions and performance. Through the work of this institution, we will create awareness of and develop strategies to understand and eradicate prejudice, discrimination and racism on the individual and organizational level. 

    Innovativation. We are committed to fostering an environment where the goal is not to manage innovations, but to become innovative. Problems are identified, ownership of those problems is assumed by the adults in the building, and everyone works together as agents of the solution until the problems are solved. We will not stop until obstacles are removed, solutions found and clear and compelling goals are established. 

    Integrity. We are committed to creating a school that acts with honesty and forthrightness, holding ourselves to high academic and ethical standards, and dealing with everyone with respect.


  • SBLT Members 2021-2022

    Principal: Chaundra Norman-Rogers

    Assistant Principal/Administrative Rep: Tanya Hiller

    Curriculum Facilitator: Rachel Scott

    Media Specialist: Chloé-Marie Zuleta

    8th Grade Rep: Sarah Heeden

    7th Grade Rep: Imari Carmargo

    6th Grade Rep: Emily Mmaitsi

    Elementary Rep: Katie Norwood

    Encore Rep: Katherine Damman

    Counseling & Social Work Rep: Lakisha Dockery

    Exceptional Children: Marian Marshall

    Parent Rep: 


    SBLT Roles

    Chair: Katie Norwood 

    Timekeeper: Lakisha Dockery 

    Recorder: Sarah Heeden

    IndiStar Updates: Rachel Scott

  • SBLT Meetings

    Meetings are held virtually the first Thursday of each month in which school is in session at 8:15 - 9:00 pm.


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    SBLT Minutes

    To access our SBLT minutes from previous years, please go to Indistar and use the following credentials:

    Login:  Guests16384
    Password:  Guests16384