Hi, Sophomores:

    Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) is an organization dedicated to "training and nurturing the young leaders of tomorrow."  Its mission is to provide lifelong leadership development opportunities that empower youth to achieve their highest potential and gain knowledge of leadership skills.

    From June 7-9, 2019, students will participate in fun interactive leadership training, meet state leaders, make new friends.  They will also experience life on a Wake Forest University's campus and discover how personal, group and societal leadership lead to social change.  Read more about HOBY at hoby.org.

    Come see me if you are interested.  NEHS can nominate one student to go.  


    Have a terrific, safe Thanksgiving holiday.


    Mike Harrison

    Counselor, Class of 2021

    Your counselor with his super-cute daughter

    Your counselor with his super-cute daughter!







    GAP offers apprenticeships to juniors and seniors who are interested in the below industries. Students will have the opportunity for on-the-job training while earning a competitive salary ($9.00 per hr. - yr. 1). Additionally, students will earn college credits towards an associate’s degree at GTCC all paid for by their employer.

    • IT/Cyber Security 
    • Aviation Mechanics
    • Advanced Manufacturing 
    • Service Technicians (HVAC, electrical, plumbing) 

    Companies participating in GAP include: 

    • Berico
    • Brady
    • Bright Plastics
    • Culp
    • Central Carolina Air Conditioning
    • CGR
    • HYFAB
    • HAECO America
    • Endura
    • MSI
    • Proctor and Gamble, just to name a few

    This program is great and has provided awesome opportunities to our students.  Again, see Mrs. DeBerry in Room 109 to sign up.  You can also read more about GAP at gapnc.org


    Resources to Help Teens Quit Smoking and Vaping:

    Nine out of ten adult smokers started smoking before the age of 18.  At smokefreeteen there are many resources for teens who are thinking about quitting tobacco. Teens can access SmokefreeTXT, the quitSTART App, DipfreeTXT, SmokefreeUS on Instagram, or even Speak to an Expert online. Like adults, the more often teens try to quit the more they increase their chances of being successful.  Each attempt at quitting helps the smoker learn what strategies work best for them. In addition, the younger and healthier a person is that stops smoking, the faster his/her body will heal from the damaging effects of tobacco.


    The Greensboro Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. is recruiting participants for its Empowering Males to Build Opportunities for Developing Independence (EMBODI) Program.  EMBODI is designed to empower Africa American males in the areas of leadership, the arts, self-esteem, college preparation, and budgeting.  The program will run from October through May 2019.  New members will be accepted after October.  EMBODI recognizes the challenges African American males face in education and the community.  EMBODI collaborates with outstanding males and male organizations within the community to serve at facilitators at each monthly meeting.  A scholarship will be awarded to a qualified graduating senior.  

    Please direct questions to embodi@dstgac.org!  I have EMBODI applications here in my office.  So, come by if you'd like to get one or to learn more.


    A collection of 'Futures' magazine has arrived at my office.  Feel free to come get one.  This publication focuses on career and job options via the military!




    CFNC is offering a new texting service for helpful tips for Countdown to College.  To receive text updates and tips text JOIN COUNTDOWN to 43786.


    In case there are any Senior parents reading my website:

    Do you need help completing the FAFSA?  If so, Bennett College is hosting a FAFSA Day on Saturday, October 27.  It will be held in room 103 Henry Pfeifer Science Building.  Parking is provided in the parking lot located on the 600 block of Gorrell St.  Follow the event signs to ensure proper parking.


    The Delta G.E.M.S (Growing and Empowering Myself Successfully) Program was created for African American at-risk, adolescent girls aged 14-18 (or grades 9-12).  Delta GEMS provides the framework to actualize those dreams through the performance of specific tasks that develop a can-do attitude.  The goals for Delta GEMS are:

    • To instill the need to excel academically;
    • To provide tools that enable girls to sharpen and enhance their skills to achieve high levels of academic success;
    • To assist girls in proper goal setting and planning for their futures; high school and beyond; and:
    • To create compassionate, caring, and community-minded young women by actively involving them in service learning and community service opportunities. 

    This program is designed for (but not limited to) young women who:

    • Are 1st generation college students
    • Have potential but need additional guidance, support and skills to achieve success
    • Are interested in developing leadership skills
    • Are actively pursuing college and/or career options
    • Are identified by schools, churches, youth groups and/or former program participants.

    Read more about Delta GEMS. at Delta G.E.M.S. and come see me for an application!

    All interested young ladies and their parents are invited to attend a program orientation meeting on Sunday, October 21 from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Jackson Middle School, 2200 Ontario Street, Greensboro 27403.  You are also welcome to direct questions to deltagems@dstgac.org.


    GCS American Indian Education & English Learners Dept Present a fall college tour of Guilford College and UNCG.  Join the AIE and EL staff as they visit two wonderful college campuses and learn about these local resources.  When:  Wednesday, November 14.  Guilford College will be toured at 9:15, and UNCG will be toured at 12:15.  The tour is open to 11th-12th grade students in the AIE and EL Departments.  Please RSVP by November 7 to malesom@gcsnc.com with your name, grade and school - or turn in the permission slip to me, your friendly school counselor.  Students should bring a bag lunch or money to purchase a lunch.


    Upcoming Events

    Career & College Promise offers North Carolina high school students the chance to earn college credits at a community college campus. The program is tuition-free to all students who maintain a “B” average and meet other eligibility requirements.  Students can earn:

    There are two Career and College Pathways: College Transfer and Career and Technical Education Pathways .

    If you want to register, the sooner the better!  By winter break, most of the college classes will be filled!

    Read more about it at https://www.gtcc.edu/academics/high-school-programs/career-and-college-promise.php (or Google ‘Career and College Promise GTCC).


    Parking passes are still on sale for $30 in the front office. You will need your license, proof of insurance, license plate number, and description of your vehicle. Effective Monday Sept 24, cars without an updated pass are subject to towing. 

    Reminders and updates

    • Tutoring buses will run Mon-Thursday (except for the first and fourth Monday).
    • Students should make sure they are counted present when they attend tutorial.


    The Soy un Lider conference is coming November 10 at Guilford College for Latino and International students and parents.  We understand that the road to obtain a higher education is full of questions that sometimes go unanswered.  Topics to be covered will include:  Financial Aid, scholarships, the college application process, empowerment and much more.  The conference was created and is being continued by Guilford College students who have experienced struggles you might be facing. 

    Students will attend various workshops throughout the day according to grade level.  They'll also have lunch in the college cafeteria and take a tour of Guilford College.  You can also choose to enter the essay competition for a chance to win up to $500; the essay competition is a great way to practice writing skills for college admissions and scholarship essays.

    Parents will have an optional program if their student is in the 10th, 11th or 12th grade.  Parents must register to attend this special program.  A workshop will give you the information you need to assist in the process.  Lunch will be provided at the college cafeteria in the afternoon.  You can also take a tour of the college campus.  The conference is free for both parents and students.  You can be assured that your son or daughter will be well taken care of and monitored throughout the day.  

    Register here or here by October 26.  Hard copies of the enrollment form are in my office if you prefer these!

    Transportation will be provided to students in Alamance, Chatham, Guilford and Forsyth counties.  


    Guilford Parent Academy is presenting a College Planning Workshop Series, a session in each of the months of September, October, and November!  Here are the details:

    Thursday, September 13, 2018:  'Navigating College Admissions/College Search, Choosing the Right College for You".  Learn how to get in by standing out!  An expert college planning consultant and author will share tips on academic performance, extracurricular activity participation, college preparation and how colleges read applications.  This workshop will give you a view of what college admissions officers look for and help you map a path to get into the college you want.  Register here!

    Wednesday, October 10:  'Cash for College, Financial Aid & Scholarships'.  Free money is out there for college!  Learn how to find it in this workshop.  An expert will share tips on financial aid basics, college costs, scholarships, eligibility determination and specific programs for NC families.  Register here!

    Thursday, November 8:  'The Application Process, the Step-by-Step Approach; Applying for college can be stress-free.  An expert college planning consultant/author will help you navigate successfully the college application process!  register here! 

    As Sophomores, some of you might think it's too early to check out these sessions, but it is NOT too early at ALL!  By starting now, you can take your time, get acclimated to the ins and outs of applying and know what to do.  I assure you that the next two years will go by quickly, and you'll be applying to schools sooner than you think!

    All sessions will be held at Bennett College's Global Learning Center at 507 Gorrell Street, Greensboro 27406.  These workshops will include light refreshments and other resources.  

    All of these events are free, but please register the links provided above or contact Guilford Parent Academy at 336/279-4924 or parentacademy@gcsnc.com.


    Below is bus information for Weaver students:

    Morning Bus (1146)

    • Car riders need to arrive to school by 8:30 a.m. – The morning bus will depart promptly at 8:35 a.m. from the bus lot in front of the stadium.
      • Students are allowed to eat their breakfast on the bus
      • Students will return to NEHS from their morning Weaver classes around 12:15 p.m. and will be dropped off in the front circle.

    Afternoon Bus (1146) – Midday from and to

    • The bus will arrive by 12:17 p.m. in the front circle – The afternoon bus will depart promptly at 12:20 p.m.
      • These students will report directly to the cafeteria at the conclusion of 2nd block
      • Students riding the bus back to NEHS in the afternoon will arrive back to our campus by 4:40 p.m.

    Sgt. Perry is our recruiter for the U.S. Marines.  He can be reached at 336/210-6904 and matthew.perry2@marines.usmc.mil

    Sgt. Shannon S. Pitchford is our United States Army recruiter.  Friendly and personable, she will be happy to talk with you and answer all of your questions about life in the Army.  She can be reached at 704/500-1551 or Shannon.s.pitchford.mil@gmail.mi   The US Army Recruiting Center is located at 2917 Battleground Ave., Suite E, Greensboro 27408.

    As of December 6, 2018, I also met SSG Terry L. Purnell of the Army, and he, too, is available to talk with anyone interested in a potential career in the Army.  He can be reached at 336/279-4467 and terry.l.purnell.mil@mail.mil

    Students who enlist in the Army or Army Reserve can be guaranteed admittance to certain colleges and universities.  To learn more, visit goarmy.com or call 800/USA-ARMY.

    The following info is presented as resources for folks fighting or living in a state of homelessness:

    • The Greensboro Housing Coalition helps people reach an ultimate goal of owning their home.  Their contact info can be found here:  http://www.greensborohousingcoalition.org/
    • Food can be obtained at Urban Ministries.  They’re located on Gate City Blvd., and they, too, have a website:  http://greensborourbanministry.org/
    • Mr. Cabiness, our social worker, can help directly with school supplies, and he’s available here on campus full-time.
    • Mr. Cabiness also told me he can help with clothing needs with a voucher for kids; he fills it out, and it can be sent to a Guilford County Schools Central office location.  Once there, it’s processed, and things are sent here for the student.

    SSG Julius D. Larry is a recruiter with the NC National Guard.  He can be reached at julius.d.larrymil@mail.mil and 336/596-4972.

    Extra help for college and scholarship applications is coming your way.  Here is an announcement from Ms. Foye:  Attention ALL Students!  Ask yourself these 3 questions:

    • Do you plan on going to college after you graduate?
    • Do you have questions about how to apply/ or what to do before you get to college?
    • Would you like information about college applications, Financial Aid, Scholarships, and more?

    If so, then our CAAP club is for you!!! Transportation will be provided.  See Ms. Foye for more details or questions.  

    Youthsafe is a welcoming and ongoing social networking group for LGBT youth in Guilford and surrounding counties.  Meetings are held every Friday from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at 210 E Bessemer Ave., Greensboro.  Learn more at www.youthsafegso.org; on Instagram at youthsafegso; on Facebook at youthsafe gso; or email youthsafegso@gmail.com


    The current minimum admissions requirements for UNC system can be found here:  UNC minimum criteria for admission


    The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is a form that you need to do starting your senior year and continuing through every year you’re in college.  This form determines your eligibility for student financial aid.

    The FAFSA should not be confused with the CSS Profile, which is also required by some colleges. The CSS is a fee-based product of the College Board and usually used by colleges to distribute their own institutional funding rather than federal or state.

    Nearly every student is eligible for some form of financial aid. Students who may not be eligible for need-based aid may still be eligible for an unsubsidized Stafford Loan regardless of income or circumstances.


    If you need help writing a student resume, check out this video I found:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZS_GqM-nHM 

    Students who intend to graduate a semester early need to be sure they fill out an early graduation application by the end of September.  This will allow us to register your graduation with the county office.

    Questions about Say Yes and the scholarship model may also be directed to Say Yes. Parents can call 336-814-2233 or email guilford@sayyestoeducation.org.

    NC A&T has a computer science program and huge job (and mega-salary) opportunities exist for its graduates!  If you would like to learn about it, too, visit http://www.ncat.edu/divisions/academic-affairs/bulletin/2016-2017/academic-info-and-regs/coe/dept-of-comp-sci.html for more info.  Computer Science is a field that extends from theory through programming to cutting-edge development of computing solutions.  Jobs available in computer science include:  software engineer, computer system analyst, network system analyst, system and database administrator, Internet systems engineer, web page designer, computer games developer and more.  This is a growing field, and NC A&T is looking to fill the demand.  A&T just had another new graduate land a new job with a starting salary of $75,000.  So, check it out!  Hard work pays off, and graduates from this program know it!  


    Students can register online for Driver's Ed beginning 21 days prior to the first day of class.  Registration closes out five days before each class starts.  The site to visit is http://ncdrivingschool.com/   After you have completed the paper/pencil part of the course, you should be contacted to do the driving part.  However, if you've waited a good long while and not been contacted, call the NC Driving School at 800/375-6550 and make sure you're not getting overlooked!


    Armel Tawokamkamden, USN is our Navy Recruiter here at Northeast.  She can be reached at 336/712-6065 and armel.tawokamkamdem@navy.mil and facebook.com/pettyofficerkamdem.  You can also contact Shauna Lambert at shauna.lambert@navy.mil or 336/430-1916!  If you have any questions about the military, the opportunities it offers, compensation, etc., feel free to ask.  The local Navy Recruiting Station is located at 2404 C. Merrill Drive, Greensboro. 


    Our dress code is posted on our website.  Please review it.  Students not meeting the dress code must call for an appropriate clothing replacement.

    Cell phones, earphones and other electronic devices are permitted only at lunch. You can also find our electronics policy online. 


    Occasionally, a student will ask me about volunteer opportunities.  One hears a lot of talk about how great it is to volunteer, but - sometimes - finding a way into a position is difficult.  A little bit of research led me to http://www.volunteergso.org   This website looks terrific and should readily lead you to some great volunteer opportunities.  It's good to have an idea of the type of the work you would like to do.  Here are some common areas of interest:

    1. Animal Care and/or Protection
    2. Elders
    3. Children
    4. Emergency Readiness
    5. The Environment
    6. Gardening
    7. Health
    8. Safety
    9. Social Change
    10. Special Needs and Disabilities
    11. Literacy and Education
    12. Hunger, Homelessness, and Poverty

    Good luck!


    Parent/Student Portal is a great device that gives parents and students access to grades, student attendance, detailed assignment descriptions, school bulletins and even personal messages from the teacher.  Once parents have created their account, they will be able to manage their account information, link any and all students to the account (for whom they have parental or legal rights); set email and notification preferences for each student linked to the account.

    Visit Parent Portal to log in.  Info on how to create an account is also found on this link.  Keep in mind that the directions are a bit wordy and not as difficult as they might first appear.


    Has your student been suspended from school?  New Light At Risk Intergenerational Outreach Program (NARIOP) is a program designed to benefit elementary, middle and high school students suspended from school for a period of 10 days or less.  Through the program, students receive counseling, encouragement, educational enrichment, and anger management and conflict resolution counseling.  Additionally, students are provided support through community agencies.  Academic support is provided that follows the Guilford County Schools curriculum, which helps students to remain on schedule with their studies.  The program's goal is to reduce the number of students who have recurring suspensions from school.  Students can be referred to NARIOP by their parent or school principal.  Students attend the program for the duration of their suspension.  For more information, call 273-9671 or visit http://www1.gcsnc.com/nariop/index.htm  NARIOP is a partnership of Guilford County Schools and New Light Missionary Baptist Church.


    To request a transcript, click here


    Work permits can be submitted and approved online at www.nclabor.com   Scroll down a little and look for 'Apply for a Youth Employment Certificate.' On the right side-panel, scroll down and link to: (Youth Employment Certificate) Work Permits.  Read instructions and click on link at bottom of page:  YOUTH EMPLOYMENT CERTIFICATE.  You must have the employer and job information, and there's no need to go to DSS.



    Diploma Endorsement info:

    Students enrolled in North Carolina high schools will have the opportunity to earn endorsements to their high school diploma that identify a particular area of focused study, beginning with the graduating class of 2014-2015.  Please keep in mind that these endorsements have nothing to do with college admissions; they are a high school recognition.  The potential endorsements that can be earned in GCS include:


    Career Endorsement:  the student will complete the Future-Ready core mathematics sequence, as well as a CTE concentration on an approved CTE Cluster, i.e. Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources; Architecture and Construction; Marketing, Sales and Service, etc.  The student will also earn an unweighted GPA of 2.6 or higher, as well as one industry-recognized credential, i.e. Career Readiness Certificates.


    College Endorsement:  The student will complete the Future-Ready Core math sequence, as well as a fourth math course that will meet the UNC system minimum admission requirements.  A 2.6 GPA is also required.


    College/UNC Endorsement:  the student will complete the Future-Ready Core math sequence, as well as a fourth math for which Alg II, Math III or Integrated Math III is a prerequisite.  The student will also complete three units of science (Biology, Earth/Env Sci, and Chemistry are the three our students will most likely have), as well as two units of a world language.  A 2.5 GPA is required.


    North Carolina Academic Scholars Endorsement:  This one will require the normal four units of English, four maths, three sciences, four social studies and one unit of Health/PE.  Additionally, it will require two units of credit in a world language required for the UNC System, as well as four credits from one of the following; Career and Technical Education (CTE), JROTC, Arts Education, World Languages or another subject area.  Three higher level courses are also required, i.e. AP IB, Dual or college equivalent course, honors, etc.  A 3.5 GPA is required.


    Global Languages Endorsement:  The student will earn a 2.5 GPA for all of the four English courses that are required for graduation, as well as establish proficiency in one or more languages (in addition to English); most of our students who earn this endorsement will do it by completing four progressive units of a world language and earning a 2.5 or higher in those courses.




    Graduation Coach J. Drumwright and our Junior class counselor C. Allred

    Graduation Coach extraordinaire J. Drumwright and our Junior class counselor C. Allred!


     Mrs. Young, data manager

    Mrs. G. Young, our new data manager






    NEGHS Tutoring Plan
    • Bell Rings at 3:30pm to end the day
    • Students should report to their tutoring site by the 3:35 bell
    o Any students not in class at that time will not be allowed in for tutoring and should report to the front of the school and arrange for a ride home.
    • At 4:25 a bell will ring to end tutoring
    o Tutoring passes should be issued by teachers at this time
    o Teachers should sweep all students to the cafeteria
    • Administration will provide supervision in the cafeteria
    • All students will be offered a hot meal at no charge
    o All students that are eating must sign-in at the line
    o All students not eating should remain in the cafeteria
    • Tutoring buses will arrive at the front of the school at 4:45

    Notes about passes:
    • Teachers must stay the entire time if they offer to tutor students (cannot leave students unattended or in halls)
    • Teachers should complete parts of the pass to include: Date, Student Name and Teacher Signature
    • Students will complete: STUDENT ADDRESS and CITY/COUNTRY
    • No pass should be given to students that do not stay with teacher entire time.
    • No passes will be provided by administration.


    Tutorial Days and Times:


    Bacote (English I, H Eng I & Eng III): Thursdays after school and by appointment

    Capozzi (English III and AP Eng Lang & Comp):  Tues, 3:35-4:20

    Cornett (H Chemistry):  Thursdays after school

    Cox (Physical Sci and H Anatomy/Physiology):  Wednesdays, 3:35-4:20

    Curtis (Math 2):  Wednesdays after school

    DeBerry (Marketing, Hospitality & Tourism):  Tues after school & by appt.

    Diggs (English I & III):  Tuesdays, 3:30-4:25

    Ducking (MS Word & PowerPt and Principles of Bus):  Wednesdays 3:35-4:20p

    Fedor (MS Word & PowerPt & Personal Finance):  Wed after school and Mon/Thurs before school

    Felder (English IV):  Thursdays after school

    Foye (World History):  Wednesdays 3:35-4:15

    Fulton (Math I and Found of Math):  Wednesdays, 3:35-4:30

    Grubbs (French):  Tuesdays after school

    Harris (Biology and AP Env Sci):  Wednesdays at 3:35

    Hawkins (Civics and Leadership Development):  Tuesdays after school

    Jones (Career Training, Occ Prep, Applied Sci, Intro to Math, Math I & Financial Management: Thursdays at 3:35

    Kinghorn (Spanish):  Tuesdays, 3:35-4:35

    Lamont (Intro to Model & Anim and Adv Mod):  Wednesdays 3:35-4:40

    Lopez (Spanish):  Wednesdays after school for an hour

    McNeal (Health Team Rel and Health Sci):  Thursday after school 3:45pm-4:30pm.

    Mendenhall (English II):  Wednesday after school and by appointment 

    Nunn (AP World/H World Humanities and American Hist):  Tuesday afternoon, mornings by appointment

    Palmenteri (Visual Art):  Tues & Thurs after school and by appointment

    C. Powell: After school on Tuesdays for Math 2 and Wednesdays for AFM

    K. Powell (MS Word/PowerPt and Multimedia & Webpage Design):  Wednesdays, 3:35 - 4:30

    Praylor (Early Childhood):  Tuesdays, 3:45-4:45

    Prevete (Biology):  Tuesday after school

    Robinson (Earth/Env Sci and Physical Sci):  Tuesdays 3:35- 4:25

    Schmidt:  PreCal on Tues after school; AP Calculus on Wed after school

    Schoolfield (Drafting I and Drafting Arch II):  Tues & Wed after school

    Smith: Math 3 on Thurs afternoons & AP Statistics on Wed afternoons & by appointment

    Spence (OCS):  Wednesdays after school

    Strader (Sports/Ent Marketing and Entrepreneurship): Tues mornings at 8:00 and by appointment)

    Surgeon (Math III):  Wednesdays after school

    Taylor (AP US Hist/Turn Pts and American Hist):  Tuesdays 3:35-4:30

    Whitehead (Math I and Foundations of Math I):  Tuesdays after school

    S. Williams (English II):  Tuesdays after school





    SAT and ACT INFO.

    SAT Prep Course for Fall 2018:

    When:  1-5 p.m. on the first four Sundays in October (10/7, 10/14, 10/21 & 10/28)

    Where:  Gospel Baptist Church, 5945 North Church Street, Greensboro

    Cost:  $300 (non-refundable).

    Additionally:  students will need to purchase The Official SAT Study Guide from CollegeBoard.  Be sure to purchase the latest edition with eight practice tests!

    Space is limited to the first 24 paid students.

    Please see Mr. Cheek or Ms. LaRocque with questions.  To register, you must submit payments (cash or check) to either instruction

    Contact info:  th/1981@aol.com or cheekj3@gmail.com



    Say Yes Guilford is offering an SAT Prep workshop on Saturday, September 29 from 10 a.m. until noon.  Location:  NCA&T University, Proctor Hall (School of Education), 1601 E. Market Street, Greensboro 24711.  RSVP is required at www.tinyurl.com/2018SATPrep by Wednesday, September 26.  Read more about it at www.sayyesguilford.org.  Contact info:  336/814-2233 and guilfordscholarship@sayyestoeducation.org


    Info. on how to order more official ACT score reports can be found here:  https://www.act.org/content/act/en/products-and-services/the-act/scores/sending-your-scores.html 


    You might have heard about SAT Subject Tests.  They're optional for some schools but not for others.  How about you?  Do you need them?  Check out College Board's comprehensive list and advice (which is to always double-check with the colleges to which you're applying):  http://blog.prepscholar.com/complete-list-of-colleges-that-require-sat-subject-tests 


    To see upcoming test dates and registration deadlines, go here:  https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/sat/register/dates-deadlines

    To actually register for the SAT, go here:  https://cb.collegeboard.org/sat/reserve-your-seat/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMInr6SkrOi1gIVSLjACh3TWARPEAAYASAAEgKCuvD_BwE&st=cs&s_kwcid=AL!4330!3!197070766242!e!!g!!sat%20registration&ef_id=WByP-AAAACPpvx41:20170913144429:s

    To practice for the SAT, go to Khan Academy here:  https://www.khanacademy.org/sat

    Khan is a GREAT website, and I encourage everyone to use it as much as possible.  As you work through practice questions, it can actually diagnose what your weak areas are and how to better prepare.  This makes the time you put into this site very efficient.  I cannot stress how much some preparation can boost your score and also help you simply feel better during the test.

    I’m hoping all of you have created an account with College Board, so you can sign up for the SAT, but if you’re doing that now, be sure to keep your username and password written/saved in multiple, safe locations.  If you lose any of this information, it’s virtually impossible to get it from College Board.


    You have probably heard about an optional essay part of the SAT.  Whether you do the essay portion of the exam or not should depend on whether the colleges to which you're applying require it.  I recommend you check directly with the colleges/universities to which you're applying to make certain of this.  Meanwhile, here is a list I found that shows schools that recommend, require or don't require the essay portion:  http://blog.prepscholar.com/schools-that-require-the-sat-essay 


    Although students are welcome to see me anytime a teacher can send them, I encourage parents to call to come see me, as well, if they have any questions about these exams, how to sign up or how to prepare. 


    To qualify for a fee waiver, you need to be on free/reduced lunch.  You can go to the cafeteria in the mornings and ask a staff member there for a printout of your free/reduced status.  Take this printout to me or to Ms. Z. here in the counseling department, and you can get a fee waiver.   


    The Northeast High School SAT/CEEB code is 342570.  


    The link to the ACT administration dates for 2017-18 is here:  http://www.studypoint.com/ed/act-test-dates/ 

    To register for the ACT, visit To sign up for the ACT, visit:  goo.gl/xsIEe5


    When you create an account with College Board, I encourage you to keep your username and password written in about five safe locations!  If you lose this information, it's impossible to retrieve from College Board.


    March2Success is a site for SAT and ACT prep.  Check it out and let me know what you think:  https://www.march2success.com/

    I'm on the lookout for additional ACT practice sites and not having a great deal of luck yet.  However, I did find this one:  https://www.4tests.com/act#StartExam 


    By taking the PSAT/NMSQT and meeting published entry requirements, 11th graders may enter the National Merit Scholarship Program conducted by National Merit Scholarship Corporation.  Visit www.nationalmerit.org to learn more.




     Miss Allred, Ms. Drumwright and our social worker D. Cabiness monitor outside the counseling office during a class change

    Miss Allred, Ms. Drumwright and our social worker D. Cabiness monitor outside the counseling office during a class change





    Many students will pursue service learning opportunities throughout their high school careers.  Be sure to get your service learning plans approved beforehand, however, to make sure you get the credit you deserve!  I now have a supply of service learning approval forms.  Come get one if you need it!  Meanwhile, I'll post service learning opportunities here as I learn of them.  Be sure to check in with Ms. Hawkins, as well; she has the scoop on virtually everything connected to service learning!










    UNCG CHANCE is a 7-day summer program for Latinx rising high school juniors and seniors. During their time on campus, students will participate in college preparation and leadership skills development. These experiences include:

    • Attending mock class (across several disciplines)
    • Mock course registration
    • Leadership development
    • Team building activities
    • Campus organizations
    • Cultural experiences
    • Sports activities
    • Civic responsibility

    Follow this link and see NEHS Senior Becky talk about her experience with UNCG’s Chance program:  https://youtu.be/RN2baYRt_v8

    If you’re interested, come see me – and feel free to share this with other current Sophomores and Juniors.  Participants engage with university professors, students, and staff to develop a peer/professional network forging positive, healthy mentorship connections focused on academic success and personal growth. This program encourages Latinx students to attend college by increasing their awareness of higher education and showing that it is well within their reach.  The cost is $65, but scholarships are available.  Contact Kattya Castellón (k.castellon@uncg.edu) or Margarita Kerkado (m_kerkad@uncg.edu) if interested in either assisting with the program or attending it.  You can also read more about UNC Chance at admissions.uncg.edu/visit/events/chance/


    AMDA High School Summer Conservatory allows students to study, train, rehearse, perform and live on campus at AMDA NYC and Hollywood.  Two-week sessions will be held:

    June 30-July 13, 2019 (NYC + LA campuses)

    July 14-July 27, 2019 (NYC + LA Campuses)

    July 28-August 10, 2019 (NYC only()

    AMDA will concentrate in:  Musical Theatre, Dance Theatre, Acting for Film + TV, Acting for the Stage, and Recording.  Learn more and apply at amda.edu/hscamp


    Duke Summer Session for High School Students offers captivating and meaningful ways to spend your summer and get a taste of life on a college campus.  By attending one of Duke's programs, you will prepare for college by delving deeper into intellectually stimulating courses of interest, which may even include the opportunity to accompany your college application with a letter of recommendation from a Duke instructor. In addition to challenging yourself academically, you will engage with a diverse group of peers, exposing you to different cultures and expanding your future network. Not to mention, you will leave with a lifetime of memories!  Interested in learning more about our programs? Visit their website, and be sure to mark your calendars for December 3rd, 2018 when our applications open!  















    This portion of the website is for our Seniors.  However, it's not a bad idea for all grade levels to check out the scholarship info!  By getting familiar with these opportunities now, you'll be especially ready to hit the ground running during your senior year and start applying!

    You will see that with all the scholarships, I'll list the name, amount/how much it's worth; the deadline, and criteria (what you need to have done to be eligible to apply). 

    All the scholarship information received will be posted here, but if you prefer hard copies of the info., it can be found in the Scholarships wall pocket.  This pocket is located on the door to the immediate left of the counseling department entrance.  It is marked 'Scholarships'!

    Here we go . . . 


    Name:  Jean Embrey Frazier Scholarship by the Greater Greensboro Society of Medicine Alliance

    Amount:  Up to $1,000

    Deadline:  February 15, 2019

    Criteria:  Be enrolled in a health occupations/medical careers class; have 3.0+ GPA.

    Notes:  Complete a paper application (available in the scholarship wall pocket outside the counseling office); secure letters of recommendation; provide an official high school transcript; enclose your college acceptance letters (if available).


    Name:  J. Howard Coble Scholarship

    Amount:  Varies

    Deadline:  March 31, 2019

    Criteria:  For students of high moral character and good citizenship.

    Notes:  Priority given to children of U.S. military personnel or veterans, members of Scouting and ROTC programs (but not limited to).  Is good for two or four-year colleges!  Read more about it and apply at J. Howard Coble Scholarship


    Name:  NAFEPA Scholarship Program(National Association of Federal Education Program Administrator)

    Amount:  Not listed but likely $2,500

    Deadline:  January 5, 2019

    Criteria:  Two awards to be given to future Education Majors; two other awards will be given to Education or any other majors!  Scholarship winners will be selected based on:  GPA; extracurricular, service and/pr leadership activities; letters of recommendation; personal essay.

    Notes:  Complete a paper application (these are available in the scholarship wall pocket) and mail it to the indicated address!


    Name:  Elon Teaching Fellows

    Amount:  $29,500

    Deadline:  January 10, 2019

    Criteria:  For future teachers!  Students need to apply to Elon, then apply to the Fellows Program.

    Read more about Elon Teaching Fellows at here!

    More info about the various Fellows Program to which you can apply after you're admitted to Elon can be found here!


    Name:  Lockhead Martin STEM Scholarship

    Amount: $10,000/renewable

    Deadline:  Not listed, but the application opens January 15, 2019

    Criteria:  3.5+ GPA; be willing to consider a paid internship.

    Notes:  This is a Science, Technology, Engineering, Math Scholarship.  Preference will be given to:  women, people of color; people with disabilities; LGBTQ; first-generation college students; those with a compelling personal story; students with leadership capabilities.

    The site to visit is https://www.lockheedmartin.com/content/lockheed-martin/en-us/who-we-are/communities/stem-education/lm-scholarship-program.htm


    Name:  GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program

    Amount:  $10,000 renewable

    Deadline:  January 4, 2018

    Criteria:  3.0+ GPA; leadership, drive, integrity, citizenship.  Go to GE-Reagan Foundation to apply.


    Name:  Burger King Scholars Program

    Amount:  Varies

    Deadline:  December 15, 2018 or when 50,000 applications are received (whichever comes first)

    Criteria:  2.5+ unweighted GPA; volunteer experience/community service and/or sports, clubs, etc.

    Notes:  Register and apply at Burger King Scholars


    Name:  Pearl Berlin Scholarship

    Amount:  Up to $3,000

    Deadline:  March 1, 2019

    Criteria:  Be a resident of Guilford, Forsyth, Rockingham, Randolph or Alamance counties; Be a self-identified lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or straight ally; demonstrated service, or desire to serve, the LGBTQ community.

    Notes:  Complete a paper application and email it to the indicated email address (or send a hard copy via regular mail to the indicated address).  Applications are available in the scholarship wall pocket and at Pearl Berlin


    Name:  NC Alpha Delta Kappa Student Achievement Scholarship

    Amount:  Unspecified, although contact Joyce Key says it's likely $2,000

    Deadline:  March 1, 2019

    Criteria:  2.5-3.5 GPA; SAT of 990-1130 or ACT of 20-24; School, community and/or church service; integrity/leadership potential.

    Notes:  Questions can be directed to Joyce Key at 336/697-5815.  Apply online at NC Community Foundation scholarships


    Name:  Eunice Riggins Memorial Scholarship & Mary Rose Mills - Linda Rankin Memorial Scholarship

    Amount:  $2,000 for each one (non-renewable)

    Deadline:  must be received by February 1, 2019.  It's recommended you send in your completed applications by mid-January.

    Criteria:  Be in the top 10% of your graduating class; 1220+ SAT or 25+ on ACT (for Eunice Riggins), 1290+ SAT or 27+ on ACT (for Mary Rose/L. Riggins); good character; extra-curricular activities; financial need (although this point isn't the primary consideration).

    Note:  You can apply for either or both of these scholarships with the same paper application, which is available in the scholarship wall pocket outside the counseling office.


    Name:  Your Gift To The World Scholarship

    Amount:  $2,500

    Deadline:  December 18, 2018

    Criteria:  create a free account on www.cirkledin.com and then click the 'Apply Now' button; In three sentences, answer:  "If you could give one gift to the world, what would it be?"


    Name:  Clare Johnson Marley - Mary Early Berger Fine Arts Scholarship.

    Amount:  $2,000

    Deadline:  February 1, 2019

    Criteria:  Male of female; intend to enroll in a four-year college or university with a fine arts major; be in the top 20% of graduating class; 1220+ SAT or 25+ ACT; proof of talent in a fine arts discipline (CD, DVD preferred); good character and extra-curricular activities.

    Notes:  Complete one of the paper applications (they're in the scholarship wall pocket outside the counseling office entrance) and mail to Joyce Key at the indicated address.


    Name:  StudentScholarships.org (various scholarships)

    Amount:  $1,000 - $50,000

    Deadlines fall throughout November and December.

    Criteria:  StudentScholarships.org lists a variety of scholarship opportunities.  Although handouts are available in the scholarship wall pocket outside the counseling office door, you can visit Student Scholarships at StudentScholarships.org to review everything that's currently available.


    Name:  United Tribes of NC

    Amount:  $500

    Deadline:  February 25, 2019

    Criteria:  Be American Indian living in NC and enrolled in a state or federally recognized tribe.  Complete an application (which are in the scholarship wall pocket just outside the counseling office) and mail to the indicated address.


    Name:  OppU Achievers Scholarship

    Amount:  $2,500

    Deadline:  December 31, 2018; March 31 and June 30, 2019

    Criteria:  3.0+ GPA

    Notes:  Submit a short response at opploans.com/scholarship.  This scholarship will be awarded three more times this year.


    Name:  Golden Door Scholars

    Amount:  Varies upon individual application

    Deadline:  October 29, 2018

    Criteria:  Be a DACA student.  Preference given to those intending to go into Engineering, Computer Science, Technology or Math

    Notes:  Read more and access application at Golden Door Scholars


    Name:  Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro scholarships (various!)

    Amount:  $1,000 - $30,000 Greensboro Scholarships (various!)

    Deadline:  Depends on the scholarship.  Dates include:  January 31, February 8, March 1, March 4, and April 15, 2019

    Criteria:  Depends on the scholarship, but one of them is specifically for a student in the McLeansville area.  These are local scholarships.  So, check them ALL out! at cfgg.org


    Name:  North Carolina Teaching Fellows

    Amount:  $4,125 per semester, renewable for up to eight semesters!

    Deadline:  January 7, 2019

    Criteria:  3.0 unweighted GPA; 24 ACT or 1,100 on the SAT; be willing to teach in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics) or special education licensure area in a North Carolina public school, traditional or charter.

    Visit NC Teaching Fellows to learn more and to apply.


    Name:  Ron H. Brown Scholarship

    Amount:  $10,000 (renewable for four years)

    Deadline:  November 1, 2018 for early applicants and January 9 for all final Ron Brown applications

    Criteria:  Must be African American; excel academics; exhibit leadership potential; community service; financial need

    Visit Ron Brown Scholarship description and application



    Name:  Cheatham-White Scholarship at NCA&T University

    Amount:  full tuition, student fees, housing, males, textbooks, laptop, supplies, travel, personal expenses

    Deadline:  November 1, 2018

    Criteria:  4.0 GPA; 1280 (new)/1200 (old) SAT or 28 ACT; character and leadership; extracurricular activities

    Visit Cheatham-White for more info!


    Name:  Anne Ford and Allegra Ford Thomas Scholarships

    Amount for Anne Ford:  $2,500 (one-time award)

    Amount for Allegra Ford Thomas:  $10,000 ($2,500 per year for four years)

    Deadline:  November 12, 2018

    Criteria:  Have documented learning disabilities and/or ADHD and intend to go to college.  Apply at Anne Ford and Allegra Ford Thomas

    If you would like information on scholarship opportunities outside of NCLD, visit Financial Aid for Students With Learning and Attention Issues



    Name:  Elon University Odyssey Program

    Amount:  $30,000-full tuition over four years

    Deadline:  January 10, 2019

    Criteria:  academic strength; civil engagement; financial need

    Notes:  Submit an Odyssey Program application to be considered for 10 different scholarships and grants at Elon!  The application is available at Elon Univ Odyssey Program!


    Name:  Florence Kidder Memorial Scholarship

    Amount:  $1,000 and $3,000

    Deadline:  February 3, 2019

    Criteria:  Answer all questions on the paper application; write a 500-700 word essay on this year's topic; letter of recommendation; unofficial transcript, current photograph; list of extracurricular activities.  Complete the paper application and upload to Florence Kidder



    Name:  Cirkledin Back To School Scholarship

    Amount:  $2,500

    Deadline:  October 31, 2018

    Criteria:  Create a free account at cirkledin.com; click 'apply now'; In three sentences, answer this question:  Other than your essential school supplies, if you could only keep three items in your locker for the rest of the school year, what would they be and why?



    Name:  LLJ Scholarship Fund

    Amount:  $1,000

    Deadline:  Friday, October 12, 2018

    Criteria:  completed application; transcript; 2.8+ GPA; two recommendations (one teacher and one community member); two-page essay; be a scholar athlete

    Notes:  This scholarship requires a paper application.  Blank applications can be found in the scholarships wall pocket on the the door to the immediate left of the counseling department entrance.  The family of Jeremiah Praylor will award a student athlete of Northeast Guilford High in Jeremiah's honor.  Jeremiah was a three sport scholar athlete for three years and NEHS' 2017 athlete of the year and athlete of distinction.  He participated in many service projects in our community. 


    Name:  The Robertson

    Amount:  Full four years of tuition at either UNC-Chapel Hill or Duke University, as well as:  room, board, mandatory fees, three fully funded summer experiences, funding for conferences and seminars and unique access to the academic and extracurricular offerings at both UNC Chapel Hill and Duke; as well as four years of dedicated leadership development programming

    Deadline:  November 15, 2018

    Criteria:  Students applying to Duke and/or Chapel Hill are invited to apply for this highly sought-after scholarship.  Full details - including the online application - can be found at Robertson Scholars


    Say Yes Guilford provides services, support and scholarships to GCS students in order to prepare them for success in college, career and life.  Visit Say Yes Guilford to learn about eligibility criteria and much more.  This site also includes info about how Say Yes scholarships are applied toward public vs. private universities and colleges.  You can also pick up a hard copy of Say Yes information in the folder marked 'Say Yes Info.'  This file is located in the scholarships wall pocket on the door to the immediate left of the counseling department entrance.


    Student-Athletes of all grade levels are invited to enter an essay contest through the NC High School Athletic Association and NC Governor's Highway Safety Program.  Here are the details:

    Name:  NC Governor’s Highway Safety Program Student-Athlete Essay Contest

    Amount:  one male and one female will be chosen for an Amazon gift card and a prize pack

    Deadline:  September 30, 2018

    Criteria:  3.5+ GPA.  Student athletes can write a 400-word or less essay for a chance to win prizes from the NCHSAA.  Visit www.nchsaa.org/scholar-athlete-program for full contest details and the online application and essay prompt,  The actual essay prompt is:  Explain why, as a scholar athlete, you feel that some teens do not wear their seatbelts and what you would do to encourage them to always buckle up.


    Name:  Prudential Spirit of Community Awards

    Amount:  $1,000 + trip to Washington, D.C.!

    Deadline:  complete the online application by November 6, 2018, and once done, submit the certification application to Ms. Z. (our Senior counselor) here in the counseling office.

    Criteria:  Be sure you have done some community service/volunteer work during the past 12 months.

    You can access the online application at http://spirit.prudential.com and www.nassp.org/spirit






    Northeast Guilford High School

    6700 McLeansville Road

    McLeansville, NC 27301


    School No.:  410-484


    CEEB Code (for SAT and ACT):  342-570


    Here is some additional info. that is sometime required for various applications:


    My name is:  Michael Harrison

    My position is:  Counselor

    My email address is:  harrism3@gcsnc.com

    My phone number is:  336/375-2500

    My fax is:  336/375-2520

    The Counseling Dept.'s fax number is 336/375-2506


    The school website is:  Northeast Guilford High

    We have 11 AP courses and 28 honors courses.



    The Echo Hall

    The Echo Hall


    Northeast staff