• School Based Leadership Team Members

          Frederick Sellars sellarf@gcsnc.com (Principal)

          Dr. Esther Coble coblee@gcsnc.com (Interim Principal)

          Sharon McCants mccants@gcsnc.com (Interim Principal)

    Angela Aguigui-Walton aguigua@gcsnc.com (English Dept.) (Chairperson)

    Gwendolyn Atkinson atkinsg@gcsnc.com (Counselor)

          Charity Bell bellc3@gcsnc.com (School Resource Officer)

    Kasheena Burris burrisk@gcsnc.com (Science Dept)

    Alexander Castro castroa@gcsnc.com (Social Studies Dept.)

    Rose Cromartie cromarj@gcsnc.com (Social Worker)

    Dr. Aretha Gaar gaara@gcsnc.com (Career Dev.)

    Daniel Greene greened4@gcsnc.com (PE Dept.)

    Dr. Connie Jeffries jeffric@gcsnc.com  (Classified Personnel)

    Dionne Layne layned@gcsnc.com (Curriculum Facilitator)

    Jeremy Magee mageej@gcsnc.com (Math Dept.)

    Andre McCrea mccreaa@gcsnc.com (EC Dept.) (Chairperson)

    Dr. Denise Patterson patterd@gcsnc.com (School Support Officer) 

    Quincy Tanner tannerq@gcsnc.com (CTE Dept.)


     Parent Representatives

    Bheverli Freeman 9th/10th Grade Rep

    Alicia Sinclair 11th/12th Grade Rep

     To access our SBLT minutes, you may go to:


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              Username: GuestS16424

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     2021 Meeting Dates: The second Tuesday of each month,

                               starting at 4:30PM-5:30PM.

    The dates for the the 2021-2022 school year are as follows:

            Fall 2021        Spring 2022

       August 10                 January 11

    September 14              February 8

      October 12                  March 8

     November 9                  April 12

     December 14                May 10