• Welcome Health Science Students!

    You can take Health Team Relations

                           Health Science 1

                           Health Science 2 

    from me at Northeast to get a completer 

    Certificate in CTE Health Science and also go

    on to Weaver Academy for your CNA Certification. 

    Good luck on this endeavor. 

    Let me know if you need any recommendations.

    And look out for any upcoming field trips and summer camps in 

    medical fields. That will add to your resume. 

  • Hello, I am Mrs. McNeal- I have a son that is 13 this school year in 7th grade and a sophomore daughter that will be 16 this year as well. They go to different schools. I been married twenty years and have been in education off and on for just as long. I have taught community college level and enjoy teaching high school students. I love teaching body systems and healthcare concepts that can broaden students mind about the possibilities in a career in the healthcare field. I hope that you find that you like studying about healthcare and are interested in learning more about it. We will make this class a fun but valuable experience for you. Thanks for being a student in health sciences. 


    I have Health Science 1 and Health Science 2 this School year!

    I have the Syllabus and Class Rules on this webpage for your review.

    Let me know if you have any questions. Glad to have you in class!

Janet McNeal