• I have been an educator since 1990 and come from a family of educators. Teachers, principals, college professors, academic advisors, counselors, and college presidents are some of the educators in my family.

    Every day and every year is a new adventure.  The longer I work with children, the more I realize their uniqueness and complexity.  I especially love teaching math and work hard to make learning it easy because I struggled with math in elementary school.  Helping children to understand how to learn, encouraging them to try their best, and inspiring them to want to learn are some things I especially enjoy about teaching.  My personal motto is "Never settle for less than your best." 

    As an educator, I strive to meet the individual and group needs of my students in ways that support and challenge them to achieve their greatest intellectual, social, and emotional growth.

    I am a native of North Carolina.  My husband and I have two children, Deidre and Tyler, and four grandchildren, Christopher (12), Olivia (9), Cameron (7), and Weston (3).  In my spare time I enjoy cooking, decorating, listening to classical music, and spending time with family.