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  • Welborn 2019-2020 School Based Leadership Team

    Dr. Ashauna R. Harris --------------------------- Principal

    Mr. Domieka Cantey ------------------------------ Asst. Principal

    Mrs. Brooke Sumner ------------------------------ Chair

    Mrs. Nikki Buxton ---------------------------------- Process Manager

    Mrs. Raven Jefferson ---------------------------- Classified (CIS)

    Ms. Amanda Thompson -------------------------- 6th Grade Representative

    Mrs. Keyelle Miller -------------------------------- 7th Grade Representative

    Mr. Andrea Emmanuel --------------------------- 8th Grade Representative

    Mrs. Cagney Williams ---------------------------- Encore Representative

    Mr. Jonathan Owens ----------------------------- Media / Technology

    Ms. Tiffany Dewar --------------------------------- Counselor

    Ms. Benita Pierce --------------------------------- Support Staff

    Kelli Hackstall -------------------------------------- Parent Representative

    Charlene Gladney --------------------------------- Community Member 

    School Based Leadership Team

    1. Provide vision and input in relation to curriculum and student achievement.

    2. Identify school wide needs.

    3. Develop, implement, and update the School Improvement Plan.

    4. The School Based Leadership Team will meet the first and third Monday of each

    month from 4:15 to 5:15 in the media center.

    To access Welborn Academies Plan go to the following


    username: GuestS15384