• Hello and welcome to my webpage!  I have been a member of the Social Studies department at the Middle College at UNC since 2013. I can be found in the Walker Bldg, Room 233.  



    I received my BA from UNC Charlotte 2001 in History and Political Science, and my M. Ed. from UNC Greensboro 2008 in Curriculum and Instruction.

    In 2015 I became certified by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards for Adolescent and Young Adult Social Studies Education.

    Before deciding to pursue my teaching career, I served for two years in the AmeriCorps program in Denver Colorado

    Courses taught include Civics and Economics, American History, World History, AP United States History, AP Human Geography, AP US Government and Politics, and AP World History.

    I have been a Reader for the AP World History Exam since 2011.

    Students in my classes will be exposed to a wide variety of perspectives and ideas.  Students will need to come in with an open mind and a willingness to work.  Social Studies requires creative thinking and the ability to consider various competing ideas. As students learn and discover different concepts, they will be required to communicate their own ideas in a variety of ways; through class discussions, written assignments, collaborative projects, digital creations, etc. 



    Classes for Fall 2020:

    • AP United States History
    • AP US Government and Politics

    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all classes are being conducted through remote learning for the first 9 weeks of the semester. 

    Please use the NC Ed Cloud portal to access the course materials. 



    Classes for Spring 2021 (subject to change due to Covid-19 developments)

    1st Block - Honors World History

    2nd Block - Planning

    3rd Block - AP World History

    4th Block - AP World History


    Clubs and Extracurriculars:

    National Honor Society Co-Faculty Advisor


    I can be reached at hamiltk@gcsnc.com

    also, follow me on Twitter @HamiltonattheG

Kevin Hamilton, Social Studies Teacher