• Hello!

    I am so excited to be your 3rd grade teacher! It’s going to be a great year full of new friends, new adventures, and new discoveries. This is my fourth-year teaching 3rd grade and I have previously taught 4th. I enjoy running, watching movies, playing with my daughters, running around with my crazy dog, and all things outdoors. Let’s make this an incredible year!


    In this classroom…

    You are cared about.  I value your ideas, thoughts, and actions. You have unique talents and strengths, which I can’t wait for you to share with your classmates and myself. You will bring so much to our class and I am excited to learn more about you!


    Contact Me:
    I love to have conversations with parents throughout the year. Please always contact me with any questions or concerns. I want to partner with you to best support your child! The best way to contact me is through Class Dojo, or through email. 😊

    These are a few of my favorite things…

    Running   Carolina Panthers   Chick-fil-a     Blueberry Muffins   

    Social Studies     Target     Movies

My daughter and I