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    Helpful Information for using Canvas:

    1. Use the Chrome Browser – Canvas works best in the Chrome browser, so use Chrome if you have it, or download it here.  Otherwise, give Canvas a whirl using the browser you have.

    2. Claim Your NCEdCloud Account – Beginning this year, we will use NCEdCloud to simplify logins to the various web tools you use (PowerSchool, SchoolNet, NCEES, Canvas, etc.).  Follow the instructions linked here to claim your NCEdCloud account.  You only have to do this the first time, but you will need this information:
      • GCS’s LEA Code – 410
      • Your State UID# – this is the ten digit number you use to login to PowerSchool

    3. Login to Canvas via NCEdCloud –
      • Navigate to https://my.ncedcloud.org.  This is where you’ll go from now on to login to Canvas (or PowerSchool or SchoolNet or NCEES, etc.)
      • On the next page, enter your NCEdCloud username and password, and click the “Login” button.
      • On the next page, click the Canvas icon.  You should land in Canvas.



       You can set up One Drive on the tablets by following this helpful video tutorial