Helpful Information for using Canvas:

    1. Use the Chrome Browser – Canvas works best in the Chrome browser, so if you are not using a Chrome Book, use Chrome if you have it, or download it here.  Otherwise, give Canvas a whirl using the browser you have.
    2. Login to Canvas via Clever –
      • Navigate to https://clever.com.  This is where you’ll go from now on to login to Canvas 
      • On the page, Click the Login with GCS account button

    Clever Login Screenshot Guilford County School District "Click here to Login with GCS Account" 

      • On the next page, click the Canvas icon. Screen shot of Canvas Logo Icon 
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
  • Z-Scaler Sign On Instructions - Text is found below the picture.

    Z-Scaler Sign On Instructions
    At home instructions:

    • Connect to your home wifi network.
    • Open Google Chrome Browser and go to the website you want to visit.  
    • You will be prompted by ZScaler to sign-in. Use YOUR STUDENT ID@stu.gcsnc.com.  
    • You will then be prompted to sign-in a second time. Use YOUR STUDENT ID@stu.gcsnc.com and password as shown below.  
      • Username: studentIDnumber@stu.gcsnc.com Password: 8-digit birthday as MMDDYYYY