Education Strand 


     Child Development

    Early Child Development introduces students to responsible nurturing and basic applications of child development theory.  Emphasis is on the parents' responsibilities and the influences they have on children while providing care and guidance.  Students will gain an understanding of the physical, emotional, social and intellectual changes in the family beginning with pregnancy and continuing through the school age child.


    AP Psychology

    AP Psychology students engage in a systematic and scientific study of the behavior and mental process of human beings, as well as the personality and cognitive abilities.  Students also learn about psychological facts, principles and phenomena associated with psychology and psychological methodology.


    Early Childhood Education 

    Early Childhood Education is about the process of teaching and learning through hands on experiences.  They will study the developmental stages of children birth through age 8.  Students are required to develop age appropriate lesson plans and present these lesson plans to their fellow students for evaluation and to the children enrolled in the child care centers and elementary schools.  Students receive instruction in child care pertaining to teaching methods, career development, program planning and management, health and safety issues, entrepreneurship skills and technology.  Students will complete extensive in depth assignments including research, reflective practice, analytical thinking and technology skills to enhance studies, extend research and assist them in professionally displaying their work.


    Teacher Cadet I



    Teacher Cadet I is an introduction to the profession of education.  Students focus on the nature of the K-12 learner, including exceptional children, the process and methods of teaching, the nature of schools and schooling, and the issues regarding the transformation of education.  Students will also participate in a service learning project interning with a staff member.


    Teacher Cadet II

    Teacher Cadet II is an extension of the principles discussed and taught in Teacher Cadet I.  Students delve deeper into the topics covered in Teacher Cadet I:  The Learner, The School, The Teacher and Teaching, and Culminating Activities.  Students will also engage in an extended field experience and participate in a service learning project either at an elementary or middle school. 



    Example of an Education student 4 year schedule


    H Math II or H Math III

    H Civics

    H Biology

    H English I

    Health/ PE

     Child Development





    H Math III or H Precalculus 

    H or AP World History

    H Chemistry

    H English II

    AP Psychology 

    Foreign Language I

    Foreign Language II




    H Precalculus or AP Calculus

    H American History 1 & 2 or AP US History

    AP Biology or AP Chemistry or H Physics

    H or AP English III

    Teacher Cadet I 

    Creative Arts Class




    AP Calculus AB or AP Calculus BC or AP Statistics

    H or AP Earth/Environmental Science

    H or AP English IV

    Teacher Cadet II or Early Childhood 




    For more information on the Education Strand Contact 

    Brooke Thompson(Early Childhood)

    Elizabeth Rodgers( Teacher Cadet)