• Hello! I am so happy to be teaching 8th grade Social Studies!

    In my classroom we participate in various forms of inquiry to reveal the past. 8th grade is focused on US/NC history so this year is incredibly applicable and relevant to students' lives. A few examples of the methods of inquiry we use are: mock trial, jigsaw, Document Based Questions, debates, and seminars. We will also be reading "Young People's History of the United States" by Howard Zinn, which is a piece of critical literature regarding various periods and events in American History.

    There will rarely be homework in my class, however a current event summary is due every Monday! These will be shared in class throughout the week. 


    40% Projects

    30% Quizzes and Tests

    20% Classwork/Homework

    10% Current Events

    A little bit about me: 2017-2018 is my third year teaching (in general and at Lincoln!). I graduated from UNC in 2015 (Go Heels!) double majoring in Middle Grades Education(Math and Social Studies concentrations) and History(Modern European concentration) and will graduate from UNC Charlotte in Dec '18 with my Masters in Academically & Intellectually Gifted Education. I am licensed to teach Social Studies 6-12, Math 6-8, and also hold my Gifted Education Certificate. I love running and I am always training for a marathon or half marathon! During the summer I like to kayak on the local lakes :)

17-18 school pic