• My name is José Proaño.

    • I am from Ecuador; Spanish is my native language.

    • I hold a master’s degree from Alcala de Henares University in Spain.

    • I teach Spanish at The Academy at Lincoln for about 9 years.

    At The Academy at Lincoln Spanish is incorporated into global studies. elementary and middle school students study Spanish culture as part of Global Studies. During this time the students will have the opportunity to familiarize with Spanish speaking world.

    Spanish speaking culture is a wide culture, because Spanish is spoken in different continents as Europe, North America, South America and Africa. In countries like Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Ginea Ecuatorial and others.

    Spanish culture is rich in music, foods, arts, literature, history and everyday traditions.

    In Spanish students will develop all modes of communication: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. They will learn through interaction with others and individually.


    The student who continue studying Spanish in middle school and complete Spanish 1 Course they have the opportunity to receive credits for High School


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