• we love our students

  • The GCS student crisis (non-emergency) hotline phone number is 336-332-7295. The student crisis hotline is only for youth in crisis and is open 24-7.  If there is an emergency, students should call 911.  Multi-lingual staff are assisting with both the general COVID-19 helpline and the student emergency hotline.

    GCS Sets-up 32 Sites for Meals Beginning on Wednesday
    Guilford County Schools (GCS) announced that beginning on Wednesday, March 18, the district is setting up grab-and-go sites for food distribution across the county for any children ages 0 – 18.  Children will be able to pick up meals Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the sites. Students will pick up their lunch for the day, and breakfast for the following morning. Students may pick up meals at any site near their homes. They do not have to pick up the food at the school they attend.  Western Guilford Middle School is a food distribution site.  Please check out the GCS website for a complete list.

    GCS also started delivering meals to our most vulnerable students today, including those who are homeless or in transition. Delivery to these students will continue for at least the next two weeks.

    Friendly Reminders

      • Stay home if you’re sick or not feeling well.
      • Stay home if you’re in a high-risk category for COVID-19 and COVID-19 complications. Contact your healthcare provider for additional guidance.
      • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water. Use hand sanitizer if soap and water aren’t available.
      • Cover coughs and sneezes with tissues. Use the inner elbow if tissues aren’t available.
      • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth (the face) as much as possible.
      • Get adequate rest.
      • Eat healthy food.
      • Exercise 30 minutes daily


    The Western Guilford Middle School Counseling Department agrees…

    In the ability of all students to be successful regardless of background, limitations, capabilities, and or setbacks,

    That the role of a school counselor is to be an advocate for the needs of all students based on their academic and/or developmental needs.

    As a school counselor we will be a voice for those students who need support, resources, and assistance in and out of the classroom.

    All team members, including administrators, school counselors, teachers, staff, community leaders, and family members must actively be involved in the planning, managing, delivery and evaluation of program activities designed to meet the needs of our students.

    Valid data must be analyzed on an on-going basis to properly assist with making informed program decisions that will best meet the needs of all students.

    All decisions must be driven by the ASCA ethical standards which all school counselors use as a daily guide in their profession.


    Our Comprehensive School Counseling Program promotes a community that fosters personal inquiry and growth, social responsibility, and academic excellence for our students thereby leading to responsible and productive citizenship in the 21st century.


    To provide a proactive, comprehensive, and developmentally appropriate program to address students' academic and career goals in addition to supporting their personal and social needs.  This is accomplished through a partnership with parents/guardians, staff, and community members to enable all students to become successful, productive citizens and lifelong learners in a diverse and changing world.