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Mrs. Krystal Hughes

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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education Winston-Salem State University Class 2011

Mrs. Krystal Hughes

Welcome to Mrs. Hughes Superstar Kindergarten class. I am elated to be your child’s teacher. I am very excited to have you as my student this year. I call my students “Superstars” because I believe that they can and will be the future Leaders/Successful Stars of America.

I am eager to work with each of you. I am looking forward to a very successful and productive school year.  My goal this year is to help my Kindergarten Superstars grow and develop academically. As well as, prepare them to be successful at the next grade level (First grade). I hope to instill in my students “Always strive for success and never settle for less”.         

For my Superstars (my students) I have some expectations of them. I want them to come to school with positive attitudes, lots of enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn.  My first expectation of my students is S- Strive for Excellence in everything that you do. The second expectation is to T-Take learning seriously. The third expectation is to A-always follow the rules. The fourth expectation is to R- respect yourself, your teacher and your peers.  The last expectation is to S- stay focused on school work. As parents, I would like support from you all in helping ensure that your child does all of his/her assignments and stays organized. As a student not too long ago, I learned that keeping things organized help me to be a productive student.

As your child’s teacher, I pledge to do all I can to help your child learn, develop and grow as a student. As parents I would like for you to work with your child on being responsible. Also I would like for you to make sure your child gets a goodnight's rest. We will be learning a great deal of things throughout the school day, and I do not want my students tired.  At any rate parents, whenever you feel the need to stop by the classroom, you can because my door is always open. At anytime that you have a questions or concerns about your child’s progress or what is going on in the classroom; you can call or shoot me an email. I cannot wait to start this wonderful experience with you and your child. Let’s make this a Successful and Super School Year!

Excellence is the EXPECTATION and ONLY Option!! ~ Principal :Dr. Chelsea Smith 

 We are Striving for EXCELLENCE Each & EVERY DAY #NoQuestions!!! 




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