• The following mode of dress will be required for all students in at Hampton for the 2017 - 2018 school year.

    SMOD Shirts   

    The following colors apply to POLO SHIRTS, TURTLENECKS, and OXFORD SHIRTS only:

    • WHITE
    • YELLOW
    • GOLD
    • NAVY
    • BLACK

    SMOD Pants   

    The following colors apply to PANTS, SHORTS, CAPRIES, and SKIRTS only.

    • BLACK
    • NAVY
    • KHAKI   

     No more than two front or back pockets.  



    • A belt should be worn. (dark colored, no logos, imprints, or large buckles)
    • Clothing should not have logos or imprinting.
    • Denim is not allowed.
    • Cardigan sweaters in approved colors are allowed but an approved shirt from the list above should be worn under the cardigans.
    • Leggings are not allowed.
    • All shorts, skorts, or skirts should be at knee level.
    • Shoes should be closed toe and heel for safety reasons. NO Flip-Flops allowed.


    Any student who fails to wear approved SMOD will result in the parents having to bring the required SMOD attire. Further instances of noncompliance will result in a phone call from the school social worker or counselor about your child's ability to come to school in the appropriate SMOD.