• Greetings from Triangle Lake Montessori's House 21. My name is Jann Norman and I am your child's 4th grade teacher. As I am new to TLM and your children are new to 4th grade, we are learning many new things together this year. I enjoy working with your students and am so excited to see them transition from new 4th grade students to students who are accepting the challenges of  4th grade. 

    A couple of housekeeping items that will allow for success. It's important that you view items in your child's homework folder regularly. Items on the left side will include tests, spelling lists, progress reports, reminders about events, projects, class festivities, and important school-wide announcements, etc. Once viewed, these items can be removed from the folder. On the right side of the folder should be homework. 

    Homework consists of 30 minutes of required  reading each night. Students should be getting their reading logs signed each night. The  reading log is stapled to their homework folder which should be taken home nightly. In addition to reading, the students have a math worksheet which reinforces current concepts and they receive these Monday through Thursday of each week. Math homework is the  best way to review and better comprehend material while it is fresh.Thursday's homework is usually graded.

    The class newsletter is sent home on Mondays and is the best way to see the weekly happenings. Please encourage your child to bring home and show you the contents of their folder and to complete all assignments. 

    I am truly looking forward to further partnering with you this year.

    In service,

    Mrs. Jann Norman

    "Intelligence plus character, that is the goal of true education. " Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.