R2S2 Owl
  • R2S2?  What's That?

    At Reedy Fork, students and staff practice R2S2.


    R2S2 stands for:






    These are the 4 traits that we have chosen to emphasize at Reedy Fork.  Each of these traits has a set of expectations for different areas of the school.



    Positive Behavior Intervention Support

    Targeted Areas for R2S2


    Reedy Fork has defined 8 areas: Hallways, Cafeteria, Dismissal, Restrooms, Playground, Assemblies, Classrooms, and Buses. Below is a list of our R2S2 behaviors in each of the 8 areas:


    Classroom: Listen and follow directions immediately; Arrive on time & be prepared for class; Keep hands, feet and objects to self; Use kind words and gestures.


    Hallways:  Listen and follow directions; Keep hands, feet and objects to self; Walk in a straight line on the right side of the hall; Walk quietly.


    Cafeteria:Say Please and Thank You and wait quietly for their meals; Have lunch number and money ready; Clean up after they finish eating; Follow the correct procedures when leaving.


    Dismissal:Listen and follow directions, wait for teachers to signal class dismissal; Have all belongings packed and coats on or carried in an appropriate manner; Walk quietly on the right side of the hallway and sidewalk in a single file line.


    Bathrooms: Keep restrooms clean; Conserve water and paper towels; Keep water and trash in the right places; Use the restroom quickly, quietly, and then return to class.


    Playground: Treat others as we want to be treated; Make sure to wear safe clothing and footwear for playing; Use equipment correctly; Wait your turn on all equipment and avoid rough play.


    Assemblies: Be an active listener to speaker and participate in an appropriate manner; Keep hands, feet, and objects in our own personal spaces; Enter and exit by walking quietly in a line; Be prompt in following the “Give me 5” signal.


    Buses: Remain seated at all times except to get on or off the bus; Follow the directions of the bus driver; Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself; Talk quietly and only with those in nearby seats.