School Leadership Information

  • School Based Leadership Team members

    Manion, Erin (2nd grade rep.)

    Wagner, Rebecca, (1st grade rep.)

    Ford, Pamela, (Principal)

    Harrell, Ashley (Kindergarten rep.)

    King, Michelle (Kindergarten rep.)

    Jackson, Janita, (Specialist rep, Process Manager, Chair)

    Lowery, Elaine, (Co-teacher rep)                                                                                 

    Rauber, Andrea, (3rd grade rep)                                                                                                                                                   

    Harris, Charma, (Guidance Counselor)                                                                                                                            

    Mercier, Susan, (Curriculum Facilitator)                                

    Kelly, Mattie (4th-5th grade Rep.)

    Fleming, Camelia, (Exceptional Children rep)

    Speight, Shavonne, (Curriculum Facilitator)

    Walden, Weaver, (District Representative)

    Parent Representative(s)

    Wallace, Armeniqua


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    Meeting Times

    The School Based Leadership Team meets on the first Tuesday of every month with secondary meetings scheduled at that time. Meetings typically begin at 3:00 pm. 

    Scheduled Meeting Dates are: 8/4/20; 9/1/20; 10/6/20; 11/4/20; 12/1/20; 1/5/21; 2/2/21; 3/2/21; 4/6/21; 5/4/21; 6/1/21.