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  • Are you ready for the 2020-2021 school year?

    I am....I always am....and I look forward to meeting each of you! 

    To every new student..

    Welcome to the Eagle's Nest and welcome to Honors Computer Science Principles! I am so very pleased that you've made the RIGHT choice to attend our school. I look forward to coaching and training you as you continue your journey on the road to your aspiring business transformation. Get ready to take your first class seat on a fun flight towards your academic journey! To all of my returning students, I've missed you during this Summer break and now we have to get back to our academic business. I know class will be just a little different as we start off the school year virtual, but don't worry we will always be in continuous learning mode. 

    I enjoyed meeting a lot of you at Open House as well. Parent's don't forget my special message that I gave you!  If you would like to get a sneak peak of what we will cover in Computer Science go ahead and download the syllabus. So get those ACT words ready and I'll see all of you on virtual campus really soon.

    Don't forget, my office hours that I will be available for one on one help if you need it will be Monday-Friday 5-6pm by appointment. 

    Now, I have to go find a fun picture. Bye!


    Happy Learning!

    Ms. M.

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