• Me in InnsbruckMy name is Matthew Myers, this will be my 13th year at Kiser Middle School and overall.  I am looking forward to the new school year! I am finding ways to incorporate technology and paper/pencil again. That will be meaningful for my students this school year!  I teach 8th grade Social Studies, which focuses on American History with North Carolina influences as well.  I am excited about working with my students as they enter their final year in middle school and prepare them for high school.  I also look forward to working with you and your parents. This is an integral part of a student's success. Together we can make them successful as we prepare them for high school. 

    I am also the head baseball coach. I have coached the team since spring 2013, where the teams have gone 104-30 over those years. The baseball team won the Conference during the 2015-2018 and 2022 seasons.  The 2018 season was a special season. The boys completed the first undefeated season in Kiser history, going 14-0!  I look forward to getting back out there in 2025 and to another successful season!  

    I also take students on international trips through EF Tours. The next ones on the agenda are summer 2025, spring and summer 2026.  I have some already enrolled for summer 2025, with a more spots remaining for this amazing experience. ANY student/parent interested, please check the link on my student travel page, and watch for forthcoming announcements or contact me myersm@gcsnc.com for more info!

    My 1st international trip, I led a group of 24 students from Kiser and Grimsley during spring break 2018 to Paris, Normandy, and London through EF Tours.  The students had a wonderful trip. They were able to experience the cultures of those countries and learned a great deal about them as well.  I truly believe it is important for our students to have the opportunity to travel and view the world from a different perspective.  I think that if students have the opportunity to see the world, they will want to continue that as well as be a part of the global community we live in.  It also gives them a first-hand perspective of being able to experience another culture rather than just reading about it in textbooks. 

    In spring 2019, I led a group of students to Costa Rica!  We went zip-lining, visited coffee and pineapple plantations, explored the rainforest, saw unique wildlife. We also hiked the trail by the Arenal Volcano, we visited a local school and learned so much about the people and culture of Costa Rica, it was a fantastic trip...PURA VIDA!  

    During spring break 2022, FINALLY back on the travel scene!!! I took 18 students to Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland.  We saw places such as Munich, Dachau, Venice, Verona, Innsbruck, Lucerne and Heidelburg.  We had an awesome time and most students will not forget their experiences abroad. 

    2023 was a year to remember. I tried 2 trips in spring and summer.  Both were completely different from each other.  Spring break, I took 16 students to Costa Rica and Panama.  We went zip-lining, kayaking, snorkeling and white water rafting, that was just in Costa Rica.  Panama was exploring the Panama Canal and the wildlife around that area where we went boating around the man-made lake.  In summer, we went to Japan and it was so amazing!  Exploring Tokyo, the small towns around Mt. Fuji and then to Osaka, Kyoto and Hiroshima were just so eye-opening.  I will definitely be going back to Japan in the future.

    "Oh, the places we will go"  Dr. Seuss

    2018 Omaha Beach (Paris, Normandy & London Tour)

     2019 Trip to Costa Rica 2022 spring breakgroup picSummer 2023

    2024 group in London

Undefeated & 4 time Baseball Conference Champs