Dr. Simkins
  • George C. Simkins Elementary: History of George C. Simkins, Jr. Elementary School Dr. George C. Simkins, Jr., the great man that our school is named after, was an African American dentist and civil rights leader here in Greensboro during the Civil Rights Movement.  Dr. Simkins helped lead the movement by serving as the local President of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) from 1959 to 1984.  He fought to make sure that all people were treated fairly at our local hospitals, libraries, tennis courts, and golf courses.  He even helped to make sure that all students—no matter the color of their skin-- were able to ride the buses safely to schools here in Guilford County.  Dr. Simkins was a local hero and he once lived near the community where the school named in his honor now stands. Please visit the following links to websites created by his family and the Greensboro News & Record to learn more about Dr. Simkins.


    Dr. George C. Simkins, Jr. Biography

    Greensboro Sit-ins: Launch of a Civil Rights Movement

    Golf Case featuring Dr. George C. Simkins, Jr. Voice of America Documentary
    (Created by and shared with permission from his son Mr. Chris Simkins and Voice of America News)


Simkins Family