• Checkout Policies - 2020-2021


    When Can My Child Check Out a Book?

    Students can check out books through curbside checkout when they are in remote learning.  Students will have books brought to their classroom (in-person checkout) when they are at school for in-person instruction.  Both forms of checkout are strictly optional, and both processes may be need to be adjusted, as needed.  (Procedures slightly revised 4-22-2021 to reflect recent guideline changes.)


    How Does Curbside Checkout Work?  (PDF Document)

    1. Students or their families place holds in Destiny Discover or complete the online form for books to be selected.  To complete the online form, Microsoft login is required (PowerSchool ID@stu.gcsnc.com and MMDDYYYY).
    2. Ms. Goodman wears gloves and pulls the books.
    3. The books are placed in a plastic bag. The student’s name is on a paper attached to the bag.
    4. Bags are placed in large tubs on a cart by last name. Signs on the tubs show letter ranges for last names.
    5. Students with books ready for pick up will receive a Canvas inbox message from Ms. Goodman.
    6. The cart will be on the patio outside the library on school days from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Because there is no shelter from the weather, the cart will not be placed on the patio on days when rain is likely.  Please make sure your curbside checkout does not interfere with car rider arrival or dismissal.
    7. Books not picked up by families after one week will be returned to the library shelves.
    8. A separate tub for books being returned will also be on the cart.


    How Does In-Person Checkout Work?  

    1. An online permission form must be completed by parents or families BEFORE Ms. Goodman will check out books in-person to a student.  To complete the form, Microsoft login is required (PowerSchool ID@stu.gcsnc.com and MMDDYYYY).
    2. Students will not come to the library to check out books. 
    3. On a rotating schedule, Ms. Goodman will select and take books to classrooms on a cart for students to select, check out, and take home.  Students or their families can also place holds in Destiny Discover.
    4. Students will hand-sanitize before and after browsing through the books in the box.  They can touch and flip through the books - no longer "eyes only" browsing.  They will select 2 books, Ms. Goodman will check out the books to them.  
    5. Books being returned by students will be placed in a separate box or container.  (A box will also be available in the classroom for returns, space permitting.  Students will only return their books to the box.  Ms. Goodman will come by on Fridays to collect classroom returns.)
    6. Eventually, students will have a greater choice or input in selection. There will likely still need to be a rotating schedule, though.


    How Many Books Can My Child Check Out?

    During Remote Learning:  Students can check out up to 5 books. 

    During In-Person Instruction: Students can check out 2 books.


    When Does My Child's Book Need to Be Turned in?

    Books may be kept for 3 weeks for both remote learning and during in-person instruction.


    What if My Child Has Books to Turn in from Last School Year (2019-2020)?

    Books may be returned to the RETURN tub on the curbside checkout cart or they may be returned in person with your child when they are back at school for in-person instruction.  To see what books your child has checked out, you can log in to Destiny Discover.  To watch a short video on how to do that, click HERE.


    What if I'm Not Comfortable with My Child Checking Out Print Books?


    No problem!  There are online eBook options available.  (For research and pleasure reading ideas, visit the Research Help & How-Tos page on Canvas.)

    1. Destiny Discover - filter by format eBooks:  Destiny Discover has eBooks purchased by Sternberger and by GCS.  New ones have been added this fall!  Log in (PowerSchool ID number for username/MMDDYYYY for password) and check them out.  
    2. NCKids Digital Library - The resources of the Greensboro Public Library and High Point Public Library are available through the GOAL card program, including the NCKids Digital Library.  
    3. eBooks on NCWiseOwl - The K-8 eBooks Collection is just one of the resources available on the NCWiseOwl site.  It offers eBooks for research and for pleasure reading.  The collection offers more than 15,000 eBook titles across all academic subject areas including fiction and non-fiction. 


    Are Fines Charged for Overdue Books?

    No.  Fees are only charged if books are damaged or lost.  


    What if a Book is Damaged, Missing, or Lost?

    If a book is damaged, please drop it off or send it back to school with a note. (Please don't try to repair the book yourself. We have some special mending materials that can sometimes work wonders!) Sometimes the book can be repaired. If the book cannot be repaired so that it can go back in the collection and be checked out again, you will receive a notice indicating the cost you will need to pay to replace the book. (Checks should be made out to Sternberger Elementary.)

    If a book is missing - can't be found right now - it will stay on the student's library account ("book account") and the student and family will continue to look for the book.  ALMOST everything really does turn up eventually.  If the book is still missing after several months or at the end of the year, it will be considered lost.  You will receive a notice indicating the cost you will need to pay to replace the book. (Checks should be made out to Sternberger Elementary.) If you pay for the book and find it later and it is in good shape, drop off or send the book back to school with a note. There is a form that I will send or email home that requires a parent or guardian's signature. Just sign the form and turn it into the secretary/treasurer in the office and she will begin processing your refund.