• UPDATE: Service-Learning Prorate

    • The following prorate is for students in the Class of 2021, Class of 2022, and Class of 2023.


      Proration: The following proration will be followed when students return to school on January 20th.

      Service-Learning Diploma 

      Students who have 192 hours submitted will obtain the Service-Learning Diploma. 

      • Students have 185 weeks (Freshman year to Service-Learning Senior deadline including summers) to earn the 250 hours towards the Service-Learning Diploma which equals an average of 1.35 hours per week. 
      • Students in high school during COVID-19 will have 142 weeks due to COVID-19 time lost.  Based on the reduction, we are prorating the requirement by 58 hours equaling 192 hours. 250/185 = 1.35   142 x 1.35 = 192

      Service-Learning Award 

      Students in High School during COVID-19 who have submitted 77 hours will obtain the Service-Learning Award. 

      • Based on the above logic, the service-learning award would be reduced from 100 hours to 77 hours. 100/185 = .54   142 x .54 = 77   
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  • See the following Service Learning Project on Bullying.  You can get 2 hours’ worth of credit.  There will be a new one each week the month of October. All project are due October 31st.

    Bullying Prevention Week 1 Project .pdf

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  • When participating in Service-Learning experiences, we expect students to:

    1.  Find an agency/organization/SEHS club that is connected with your interests and that will provide you an opportunity to make positive changes in your school or community.

    2.  Discuss what you would like to do with your parents and get their approval.

    3.  Complete the Service-Learning Approval Form and discuss your interests with the agency/organization/club. These forms are available online and in our Guidance Office.

    4.  Finalize your proposal and have your selected agency/organization/ SEHS club’s adult representative and your parents sign the Service-Learning Approval Form - giving you permission to conduct your service-learning experience.

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Important Dates

  • Senior Applications Due Date: January 22, 2021

    Approval Forms Due: February 1, 2021

    SL Hours Entered on x2vol: Wednesday, April 7, 2021 - SENIORS ONLY