• For IN SCHOOL opportunities simply search the opportunities for the name of the club or event. Click ADD HOURS

    Enter the hours for the ENTIRE MONTH on a SINGLE DATE - for example if you worked every Saturday in August from 9-12 at the soup kitchen then you would enter 12 hours for the Month.  In the COMENTS section you can put the actual dates of service. This saves Mrs. Cooper time in approving hours.

    For OUTSIDE SCHOOL opportunities 

    1. FIRST check the handbook to be sure your project qualifies for SERVICE LEARNING (Page 12-13)
    2. NEXT: Complete the Service Learning Approval Form (SLAF):   To go to the Service Learning Approval Form click this LINK
    3. When you have received approval of your SLAF via email go the X2VOLcom and CREATE an OPPORTUNITY
    4. Be sure this information matches your SLAF and if you plan to do this project from year to year be sure to make it a RECURRING project.