Our Mission

  • The Guilford County Schools' Exceptional Children Services will work as a collaborative team to serve and advocate for students with disabilities through the provision of personalized instruction in the least restrictive environment in order for students to develop cognitively, socially, vocationally and emotionally.

Our Team Members

  • Case managers Email Contact/Voicemail 
    Mr. Jed Cox coxj6@gcsnc.com 336-674-4300  (ext. 203211)
    Ms. Shanda Bigham bighams@gcsnc.com 336-674-4300  (ext. 203199)
    Ms. Ruthanne McDuffie mcduffr@gcsnc.com 336-674-4300  (ext. 203026)
    Ms. Rachel Clark clarkr2@gcsnc.com 336-674-4300  (ext. 207171)
    Ms. Mary Cohn cohnm@gcsnc.com 336-674-4300  (ext. 207262)
    Ms. Tara Simoncini simonct@gcsnc.com 336-674-4300  (ext. 205353)
    Ms. Marissa Gastineau gastinm@gcsnc.com 336-674-4300  (ext. 204779)
    Ms. Lauren Muirhead muirhel@gcsnc.com 336-674-4300  (ext. 203030)
    Ms. Hannah Geldner geldneh@gcsnc.com 336-674-4300  (ext. 203161)
    Ms. Marisa Boulton, Ms. Tracy Helms, Ms. Carolyn Jenkins, Mr. Robert Moore 
    Ms. Ginger Newell, Ms. Ginny Taylor, and Mr. Donald Williams

Useful Resources