• Welcome to my webpage! My name is Tamara Jackson and I am a kindergarten teacher here at Pilot Elementary School.

    I have been teaching for 19 years. I started my career as a prekindergarten teacher. 

    I am from Pinehurst, NC and the mother of a handsome young man. I graduated from high school with honors and was a member of the National Honors Society. When I graduated, I decided to stay near home and attend the college where I lived. Later, I decided to venture out and attend school at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNC-G).

    I returned home after a year to work and figure out what career path I wanted to take. I pursued many career paths including music performance, voice and psychology.

    I then returned to Greensboro, where I attended NC A&T State University. I graduated Magna Cum Laude in Early Childhood Development. 

    I decided to stay in this area and search for a teaching job. I started  at Foust Elementary in Prekindergarten, taught summer school at Washington Elementary, Sedalia Elementary and Monticello Brown Summit Elementary School. I transferred to Jamestown Elementary School.

    I then decided to transfer to my present school which is Pilot Elementary. I have had many exciting years of teaching prekindergarten and now kindergarten. 

    I am a teacher leader and always looking for more opportunities to grow in education.