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    Dear Parents and Guardians,


            Welcome to FIRST grade!  My name is Bethanne Klauck and I am going to be your child’s first grade teacher!  I am excited that your child is going to be in my class!!

     This is my third year back in first grade, I am ecstatic to remain in the grade that makes me jump for joy! First grade is an exciting time as children embark upon new adventures in the world of learning.  I am looking forward to a very exciting and productive year working with your student.  I strive each day to make learning a fun and an enriching process.

              Parents/Guardians and teachers are a team working together to assist students in becoming life time learners.  You are the most important person in your child’s life and you are also a teacher in your child’s life.  I know if we work together and communicate, your child will have a very successful year!  Please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have during the year.  I can be reached at 336-337-3076 (call or text), school phone at 336- 316-5820 ext. # 131 or by e-mail- klauckb@gcsnc.com.


              Teacher’s Corner- My background-I have degrees in psychology, special education and elementary education. I have been teaching for twenty-four years in both CT and NC. I have three adopted sons, one is in college, one is in high school and one is in middle school, we also have a puppy named Hope. As a family we enjoy the beach, fishing, tennis, reading, the arts, and technology.                                                                                 

    Fun facts about your teacher:

    Teacher’s favorite:  Colors - Lime green/pink

    Born in-NYC        

    Lived in-NY, CT, Montreal and BC in Canada, NC

    Food-sea food                                         

    Have two brothers in Texas

    Restaurant-Five Guys                           

    Grew up downhill skiing and playing tennis

    Candy-Dove chocolate                                                              

    Children’s book-The Giving Tree   

    Studied in France, lived in Spain for a summer / traveled all over Europe, USA and Canada / Missions work in Mexico