• !Hola!  I teach Spanish levels I, II and Honors III.  

    I learned Spanish as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Panamá.  I have also studied in México and Spain.

    My hobbies are traveling, running, playing tennis, and spending time with my husband and two dogs.  

    Ms. Allison and I are planning a service learning trip for June of 2024 to the Dominican Republic, so please contact me as soon as possible.  There are still spots available!


    Fall 2023 Schedule:                                     Spring 2024 Schudule:

    First block:  Planning                                      First Block:  Spanish I

    Second Block:  Spanish II                              Second Block:  Planning

    Third Block:  Spanish II                                  Third Block:  Spanish I

    Fourth Block: Spanish II                       Fourth Block:  Honors Spanish III





Sra. Schuck Dillon