Aviation Academy Vision

  • To provide a solid foundation for the ever-growing aviation workforce by offering internships, job shadowing, college credit, hands-on real-world learning experiences and knowledge to students who wish to enter the aeronautical field. In addition, to provide the student with enough skills to either go straight into the workforce with minimal additional training or a solid foundation to succeed at a four-year degree program. 


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    February 4th 9AM, 10:30AM, 5PM

    February 5th at 9AM, 3PM, 7PM 

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The Aviation Academy prepares advanced students for the aerospace and engineering fields through a hands-on, project based, inquiry-driven process.

  • Aviation Manufacturing Students

                          2019-2020 Manufacturing Students.                           


    Flight Simulators

                Aviation 1 Class flying flight simulators.


     Aviation Tour Check out the video of the Aviation Academy. 


    If you would like VIRTUAL tour of the campus, please email Mr. Mayers at mayersd2@gcsnc.com

    Civil Air Patrol Many of our Academy students belong to the Civil Air Patrol. They are members for various reasons: some are looking to enter the military after high school and some want to be exposed to aviation and want to be a pilot. Either way, students will belong to a close-knit group being taught discipline and respect for aviation. 


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    David Mayers, Director of Aviation 


    336-819-2800 ext. 1652 voice 202881

    Please email if you desire a tour. 

    Updated 02/01/2021


About the Aviation Academy

  • The Andrews Aviation Academy offers three tracks: Engineering, Aviation management/Pilot, and Maintenance. 

    Students can earn credit toward their Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and industry certifications/licenses and graduate high school with up to two semesters completed at Guilford Technical Community College (GTCC). Tuition and books are free.

    The Aviation Academy is a "Cohort" program for all classes. A cohort class will move as a group to all classes such as English, Sciences, World Language as examples. These teachers are dedicated to both Academies: Aviation Academy and Health Science Academy. This concept will ensure student success by creating cohesion in the group. 

    The Aviation Academy offers:

    • College credits earned that can transfer to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University or to most other colleges and universities, such as NC State, NC A&T or UNC, if a bachelor's degree is desired and GTCC for community college- 2-year degree.
    • Job Shadowing for workforce experience in the aviation field.
    • SolidWorks 3-D mechanical engineering class with certification test. 
    • Everybody learns to fly. Class set of Hotseat Flight Simulators for the ultimate experience.
    • Aviation Manufacturing class that will prepare a student to enter the workforce with little additional training. School-to-work program.
    • Young Aviation Club, Civil Air Patrol, Rocketry Club, Drone and Robotics.