Student Expectations                          Hunter Elementary School











    Honor Diversity

    Remain on red voice level at all times


    Enter the café using side door


    State food choices loud and clear to café servers


    Respect the privacy of others



    Problem solve when possible





    Use Self-Control

    Walk on the right hand side of the hallway

    Use red voices until allowed to use yellow voices


    Use good table manners

    Exit buses/cars quietly and safely

    Remain on red voice level



    Play in teacher designated areas


    Ask an adult for help when appropriate

    Remain on bottoms throughout assembly

    Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.


    Never Give Up

    Face forward in line



    Form a line next to the wall between the red tape


    Collect condiments and utensils before sitting down

    On rainy days, remain under coverage


    Alert an adult if you need help

    Interact in a safe and positive way with each other





    Take Responsibility

    Listen to directions of all staff


    Clean around your eating area at the end of lunch


    Gently place trash in the can when it comes around


    Pick up your tray, stand, and face away from table

    Arrive between 7:15- 7:45 with enough time to eat breakfast or be accompanied by a parent if tardy


    Before 7:20, go immediately to auditorium


    After 7:20, go to class or cafeteria

    Flush the toilet when finished


    Use three pulls of paper towels


    Dispose of trash in the receptacle


    Leave the bathroom immediately once finished

    Use equipment properly

    Enter and exit to/from assigned seating area as directed, using red voices

    Follow the directions of the bus driver or safety assistant.


    Remain seated at all times except to get on or off the bus.


    Encourage  and

    Keep at arm length from the walls


    Walk directly to table and fill in alternating seats


    Wait silently in boy/girl line


    Use toilet paper not paper towels


    Demonstrate good sportsmanship


    Actively listen to the speaker and participate when appropriate



    Respect Myself and Others

    Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself


    Have card and money ready for cashier


    Walk in silent line to the dismissal area and exit café when directed

    Use yellow voices (red when raining)


    Walk in calm, orderly line


    Yield to groups of students in high traffic areas

    Lock bathroom stall door for privacy


    Wash hands properly with soap and water



    Engage in acceptable physical activity



    Talk quietly and only with those in nearby seats.