• Our Battle of the Books Team has been selected and we will head to competition at UNCG March 4.

    Following weeks of competitions, assignments, challenges, quizzes, and finally culminating in a battle for the final 3 spots, our 12 kids have earned their place.

    With the competition coming ever closer, the need to finish reading the books is ever important.  We have them all in the library, but you can also use the public library and eBooks as well.



    Upcoming 4th and 5th graders are invited to compete for next year's spots beginning next school year.  The new book list comes out soon after the competition in March this year, so interested kids have a chance to get a jumpstart on the reading for the following year.  If you did not make it this year as a 4th grader, try again next year, now that you know what is involved.

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