• Fray

    Hello, my name is Suzanne Fray and I have been the full time School Social Worker at Hunter Elementary for 17 years. I have remained at Hunter for so long because it is an amazing place to work and a fabulous place for children to learn and grown and feel cared for. I work closely with all of the school staff, all of the teachers as well as the Counselor, the Assistant Principal and the Principal.

    I work closely with Hunter families to ensure that all children are equipped to learn. I work to remove barriers for attendance and to make sure children and families have their basic needs met. I talk with students and I meet with families to make sure all children have good attendance. I also work with local agencies and resources that can help families with food, clothing, school supplies and other needs that families may have. I run the Hunter Elementary Food Bag Program and the Attendance Matters Program.

    I am at Hunter Elementary every day and have an open door policy. Please feel free to give me a call at 336-294-7345 or come in to see me. I am honored to be a Hunter Hawk and to work with you and your children.