• Third times a charm! This is my 3rd year in education and I'm super excited to be returning to Falkener as a first time 3rd grade teacher! We are so fortunate to all be onboard this 3rd grade boat together! I am a graduate of the illustrious North Carolina A&T State University! I have a six year old son who also attends Falkener. What a time to be an educator?!


    I truly believe that with the right support, ALL CHILDREN CAN LEARN! As your child's classroom teacher I plan to help them make the necessary growth as students as well as citizens prepared to participate in our global community. Students who will be ready for the next grade and the world! I believe in educating your whole child, looking forward to not only working with my students but their families! Let's anchor down for a great year in #TheUNFORSEEN316!         

      -Ms. Hamby