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    The Team For Academically Gifted students at EGMS consists of the following:

    TAG Chair: Victoria Bond

    6th Grade representative: Victoria Bond

    7th Grade Representative: Ms. Kolb

    8th Grade Representative: Mr. Reed

    Administration representative: Mrs. Angela McNeill

    Parent Representative: Mrs. Oliver

    ESL Representative: Will Betton

    EC Representative: Daniel Hopkins

    Counselor Representative: LaToya Murphy

    Duke Tips/504: Ms. Rivera



  • Middle School AG Transition to High School



    Eastern Guilford Middle School


    March 2020






     8th Grade AG Students


    Dear Parents/Guardians:

    The Plan for the Academically Gifted requires that communication is provided to families regarding their child’s transition to high school.  As a rising 9th grader, your will enjoy self-selection of courses during the high school years.  The AG Department does not screen for newly eligible AG students at the end of 8th grade, therefore, all 8th grade AG students will continue eligibility for high school.  The Team for Academically Gifted (TAG) would like to offer the following points for you and your AG student to take into account as you consider high school options.


    • High school math course selection is based upon 8th-grade math enrollment and performance
      • Math 8 students should enroll in NC Math 1/ Honors NC Math 1
      • NC Math 1 students should enroll in Honors NC Math 2
      • NC Math 2 students should enroll in Honors NC Math 3
    • Students who are eligible for AG English/Language Arts should enroll in Honors English I or similar course designed to offer the same level of rigor
    • AG students should consider enrollment in honors-level science and social studies
    • Parents should reflect on a student’s interests and passions when considering elective offerings and balancing course-load demands with extracurricular activities
      • Consider your student’s athletic, club, work, volunteer and social commitments
    • Students may wish to investigate the Service-Learning Diploma and Study-Abroad opportunities
    • Parents and students may find it valuable to request a one-on-one conversation with the school counselor


    It has been a pleasure to serve your AG student.  Please contact me if you have any questions.


    Victoria Bond

    TAG Chairperson/Designee