• Hello and Welcome!

    My name is Nancy Cox and I am an Exceptional Children Teacher's Assistant (E.C.-T.A..)  I have been assisting Special Needs students at Falkener for 5 years and have worked as an EC-TA in the Guilford County Schools for eighteen years. 


    I graduated from UNC- Greensboro with a degree in English and an A certification in elementary and middle school education.  I also attended Greensboro College and studied learning differences in exceptional children.  I taught eighth grade Language Arts for two years.  I also worked at a private day school as an ESOL teacher and taught English to Russian and Israeli students. Still looking for my niche, I taught remedial reading and written language to learning disabled children, teenagers, and adults at Educational Consultants.  During that six year period, I had the pleasure of teaching two adult students to read.  My time as an EC-TA has been my favorite.  In 2012, I received the Guilford County School's Employee of the Month award as a one on one assistant to a paraplegic student that I assisted from his first grade year to graduation from high school.


    I love working with all children, but those closest to my heart are students who have special needs.  They are amazing individuals and I feel privileged to have an opportunity to work with them.