• Members of the 2023-2024 School-Based Leadership Team 

    Parent Representatives

    PTA President:  Kristin Peimann                                                      email:   jkpeimann@yahoo.com

    PTA Vice-President: Margo Ford Crosby                                         email: 777FordTough@gmail.com 


    Early Middle College at GTCC-Greensboro Staff Representatives

    Boone, Rodney

    Browne, Qituwrah

    Redmon, Joshua

    Sankaran, Vijaya

    Sims-Warren, Terri

    Tesfay, Samuel

    Thomas, Juliaette

    Winsley, Nicole

    Younce, Sara

    English, LaShonda

    Goode-Thompson, Beverly

    Gordy, Taylor

    Harris, Stacey

    Mack-Harris, Maiya

    McElrath, Tori

    Mills, Terri



    Early Middle College at GTCC-Greensboro Student Representatives

    Student Body President: Giovanni Robinson 

    Student Body Vice-President: Jamia Holman 



    GTCC Greensboro Representatives

    Ms. Lisa Cozart- College Liaison & Student Success Coach                     

    email: lccozart@gtcc.edu


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