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Hello! My name is Jose Ascencio. Spanish teacher since 1995. I have been teaching at  Andrews High School since 2016



Degrees and Certifications:

Master of Arts TESOL TeachEng-SpkrsOtherLang Greensboro College 2023 Bachelor degree from Universidad Modular Abierta, El Salvador in teaching English and Spanish as a Second language

Mr. Jose Ascencio


  • My name is Jose Ascencio. I am a graduate teacher from El Salvador, I have gotten a bachelor's degree in Education, with a specialization in English and Spanish as a second language. I am graduated from Universidad Modular Abierta, El Salvador. I also have a  Master of Arts TESOL (TeachEng-SpkrsOtherLang). I have been working in a public school since 1995, so I have been in classrooms for more than twenty years which gives me the expertise to work based on students' needs. I consider myself a good listener, a teacher who is constantly reflecting on my practice and looking for ways to improve every day. Most of my activities are students centered, which promotes student’s protagonist of their own learning.

    My classes are taught using stories. This is what is called TPRS.

    What Is TPRS®
    My language classes are taught using TPRS®. TPRS® is a method of teaching a second language developed by Blaine Ray and stands for Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling. With TPRS®, students acquire a new language naturally by listening to and reading materials that they can understand.

    How does TPRS® differ from the traditional way of teaching languages?

    In a TPRS® classroom, the teacher presents new vocabulary or structures through storytelling (or asking a story). When the teacher tells (or asks) a story in the target language (in this case, Spanish), students help by providing fun and surprising details or volunteering as actors to add drama and dialogue to the story. As the teacher slowly recycles through the details of the story and prompts the audience to respond to questions relating to the story, the students subconsciously acquire and internalize not only the new vocabulary but also the grammatical components of the language in a contextualized, natural way (just as a baby does).
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