Mrs. Ostiana


    I will provide comprehensive school social work services to parents, students and school staff, addressing barriers that limit a student from receiving full benefit from their educational experience. Respond to referrals from school administration, parents, teachers, the Student Support(IST)Team, the Special Education Committee and others by providing direct services and by assisting families in accessing appropriate community resources.


    HOW CAN I HELP YOU? ..........................I CAN:  

    • Serve on student support teams and special education committees at assigned schools.
    • Review student records to identify previous barriers and/or interventions.
    • Conduct parent interviews to acquire socio-developmental information as needed for special education referrals.
    • Analyze information gained through record reviews and interviews to determine environmental impacts and appropriate resource needs; integrate gained information into a written report and oral presentation.
    • Interview students and parents to discuss issues related to non-attendance and develop a plan of action.
    • Assist the school in following school board regulations for excessive absences and truancy; attend student support team meetings and court intervention.
    • Develop and implement professional development training for educational staff and parents, as requested.
    • Provide individual and/or group counseling in response to school-wide crises.
    • Respond to referrals requesting verification of residence.
    • Participate in professional development activities aimed at current trends and best practices for the provision of comprehensive school social work services.
    • Conduct home visits as a method to access the family and conduct interviews in response to school referrals.
    • Maintain an ongoing liaison with community agencies and other resources to meet student needs; refers parents and student to agencies when appropriate