•     During the 2016-2017 school year, a group of parents worked hard to make improvements to the physical appearance of our school.   They added brightly colored accents in the main hallway in Building A, custom painted pictures of famous individuals and a "Book of Knowledge" mural for the hallways in Building B and added artwork to the cafeteria. Two new benches were purchased to go outside the front of the school.

        The library also got a "facelift". Through donations from companies and individuals, new carpet and chairs replaced the original pieces in the Media Center and the walls were painted bright blue and green.  The tabletops were covered in matching green and blue laminate.

        The students and staff at BSMS would like to thank those involved and let them know we are enjoying the changes made to our school. A big thank you goes out to:

    Shaw Contract Carpet - Media Center Commercial Carpet Squares

    Home Depot/South Elm Eugene - Carpet Installation Assistance

    Wilson Art Laminates - Media Center Tops

    Corilam Fabrication - Brad Robbins - Media Center Laminate Top Installation

    Media Center Chairs - The Carpenter Family

    New Exterior Benches - The Teoh, Besecker, Noerr & Hall Families 

    Fine Artist Rebecca Lenz - Book of Knowledge & Notable Figures Original  


    Little Guys Movers - Greensboro -  Corporate donation pick-up and delivery


    Please view the slideshow below to see the changes made last year.  
    Click on the small "i" in the upper left corner to read picture captions and descriptions.