• Physical Therapy

    Physical therapy is a related service for exceptional children in Guilford County Schools. The need for physical therapy services is determined by a licensed physical therapist in order for a child with a disability to benefit from special education in the most appropriate, least restrictive environment. Physical therapy services are directed toward the development and maintenance of the physical potential of a child with a disability and independence in all educationally related activities.

    Physical therapy in the schools differs from the medical model of services. In the educational model, physical therapists provide only therapy services that are educationally related when a handicapping condition adversely affects the student's educational performance. The goal of the medical model of physical therapy services is to rehabilitate the patient to maximize their functional potential.

    Physical therapists in the schools develop goals and objectives for Individualized Educational Plans and write quarterly progress notes. Physical therapists consult with equipment vendors and physicians to provide students with the most comprehensive treatment possible.

    Our responsibilities as Haynes-Inman physical therapists include preventing or minimizing disabilities, relieving pain, developing and improving motor function, controlling postural deviations, and establishing and maintaining maximum performance within the individual's capabilities. Another important role for physical therapists at Haynes-Inman is to educate staff and families about daily programs that will support treatment.