• Ms. Pollock is starting her 29th year here at Ragsdale. She is a proud TIGER. :)  She teaches AP European History, AP World History, American History II, and has taught in the past World History and World Geography. 

    She is one of Ragsdale Peer Tutor advisors. Peer Tutoring takes place every Tuesday, after school in the Ragsdale Media Center.

    Ms. Pollock's Schedule 2019-2020 

    First Semester :

    1st  - Honors World Humanities (APWH) 

    2nd - American History II

    3rd - Planning 

    4th - AP European History  


    Second Semester :

    1st - AP World History

    2nd - American History II

    3rd - Planning

    4th - American History II


    Ms Pollock is available most mornings for remediation, make-up tests/quizzes and conferences most mornings other than Friday mornings. She is also available in the afternoons Wednesday and most Thursdays.