•  Class Schedule 2019 - 2020

    1st Semester Fall (2019)

    First Block: Honors World History

    Second Block: Honors World History

    Third Block: Planning

    Fourth Block: Psychology


     2nd Semester Spring (2020)

    First Block: Planning

    Second Block: Honors World History

    Third Block: World History

    Fourth Block: Honors World History

    World History 

    The Course: The content of this course will cover information from the earliest humans to the present day. We will look at current themes such as trade, war, exploration, human rights, and innovation among others. This course is designed to provide an overview of all peoples of the world and how we have been shaped into the cultures we see and interact with today. 

    The Earliest Humans                                                                         The Middle Ages

    Egypt and Judaism                                                                            The Renaissance and Reformation

    Civilization and Culture of China                                                         Age of Exploration

    Great Civilizations and Culture of India                                               Absolutism, Enlightenment, and Revolution

    Classical Greece                                                                                Russia, China, and the Birth of Communism

    Ancient Rome & The Origin of Christianity                                           The Middle East

    Islam                                                                                               The Story of Africa

    Mesoamerica                                                                                     Imperialism to Independence


    Geography will be an important aspect of our study of the World and will be included throughout the term. It will be evident in assessments to help develop better understanding of subject matter.



    The Course: Psychology

    The elective course, Psychology, engages students in understanding, articulation, and dissemination of psychology as a science. Students are introduced to psychology with a focus on the scientific study of human development, learning, motivation, and personality. It emphasizes the empirical examination of behavior and mental processes and it infuses perspectives fostering students growth, development, and understanding of cultural diversity. Students of psychology acquire information from a variety of sources, use information as they make decisions and evaluations, and solve problems. The study of psychology enables students to recognize and cope with uncertainty and ambiguity in human behavior. * adapted from the NC Public Schools Psychology Curriculum Document*


    • Understand the historical development of psychology and the changing nature of humans.
    • Understand the appropriate research procedures and skills used in psychology.
    • Understand the process of how humans develop, learn, and adapt to the environment.
    • Understand how the development of personality can impact the individual's behavior.
    • Understand the influence of group behavior and group decision making.