• Welcome to the James B. Dudley High School PTSA Webpage 

    The PTSA is comprised of dedicated parents, empowered students, knowledge driven staff, and vested community members. This collaborative team focuses its efforts on being the premiere resource to develop, enhance, and promote all positive efforts to establish and maintain partnerships that maximize all of our students’ potential.

    We would love to extend a heartfelt invitation to all parents, students, teachers, staff, and community. Please join this committed team of exemplary individuals who have decided to join forces and utilize their  skills, talents, and knowledge to support our students in a magnificent manner that recognizes the diversity and needs of ALL that attend the historic and legendary James B. Dudley High School.

    Please join us in this worthy cause. We believe that there is no better cause than that of being a viable and reliable resource to the students and teachers of this prestigious institution. Please click the link to join and take an active role in making our efforts successful. If you have specific requests, do not hesitate to contact our president or membership chairperson.

    Again, welcome and know that we are committed to teaming up with you and working toward making our efforts produce positive outcomes in the short and long term.


    Scholarship applications for PTSA Members ONLY are available in the Counseling Center and

    on the Dudley High PTSA Facebook Page.




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