• Summer 2020

    At Grimsley, we believe in reading. It is the foundation of success in school. Grimsley students are required to compile an annotated bibliography of some of their reading over the summer.  Students are to read WHATEVER THEY WANT.


    Students can put books they read for other classes on their bibliography, news, sports, or magazine articles, graphic novels, etc.  It just needs to be written word.  See a sample annotated bibliography HERE. 

    Students can consult the Grimsley Style Guide or Purdue OWL if they have additional questions on how to format this.


     After each entry, students need to write a brief annotation evaluating their source with things like:

    • What is this text about?
    • Would you recommend this read to someone else?  Why or why not? 
    • Who or what would it be good for? 
    • What you liked or disliked about the book or article, what you agreed with or disagreed with, etc.

    Bibliographies must be turned in during the first ten days of school.  This will be your first test grade of the year.

    Minimum requirements are as follows:

    • Rising Freshmen: Reading log only
    • Rising Sophomores: 3 or more sources + Reading log
    • Rising Juniors: 4 or more sources + Reading log
    • Rising Seniors: 5 or more sources + Reading log

    IB students check out the links to the left for additional requirements.


    Additionally, all Guilford County Schools students are expected to read 900 minutes over the summer and keep a log of what they have read. 

    GCS Summer Reading Log will be turned into librarian Mrs. Worrells during the first week of school. Successful completion will get students a coupon for a free Kersey Valley attraction.




    Frequently Asked Questions: 

    • Can I use works that I have to read for another class?
      • Yes! As long as you are reading them this summer. 


    • What if I’ve forgotten stuff like citations and still have questions after consulting the style guide?
      • Try your best! Also, try Purdue Online Writing Lab for more help or Ask a Librarian at your public library or online at 



    • What if my teacher doesn’t like what I read?
      • It doesn’t matter!  This assignment is just to make sure you are reading and to give you practice with MLA formatting.  Read whatever you want!


    • Is this mandatory? 
      • YES


    • What if I switch which English class I’m taking?
      • You will still have this assignment.