• Summer 2021

    At Grimsley, we believe in reading. It is the foundation of success in school. During the summer of 2021 students are to read WHATEVER THEY WANT

    EXCEPT Mr. Glaze's IB Environmental Systems and Societies


    It is strongly recommended that they read daily and think reflectively about what they are reading. 


    Examples of how this can be done: 

    Join the Grimsley Library Canvas Page   You will find more links for suggested reading and access to eBooks and articles. 

    Spend 30 minutes a day reading continuous text - this can be articles online, but not unconnected posts / tweets / comments / etc. 

    Share what you are reading each day by logging it on the Grimsley Reading Log.  

    Read a passage, poem, article or essay, and describe it to a family member or friend.  

    Read aloud to a younger sibling, neighbor or friend. 

    Complete the Grimsley Reading Log to earn a coupon to a  Kersey Valley attraction