• The Culinary Arts program at Weaver Academy is a two-year program in which students take an active role in the operation of Weaver Café, our school-based restaurant. Students begin the program by taking both Culinary Arts and Hospitality I and Culinary Arts and Hospitality II Applications. There they will study food safety and professional food preparation techniques. After successfully completing Culinary Arts II, students will enroll in Culinary Arts and Hospitality III and Culinary Arts and Hospitality IV Applications to advance their understanding and skills at running a hospitality business. Our culinary graduates may decide to continue their education by attending a community college culinary arts program, or a private culinary school to earn their Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree, while some may decide to enter the hospitality industry directly after graduation.

    These courses are taught by Chef Marion Osborne and Chef Rita Tisdale.

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Chef Osborne
Chef Tisdale