• Southwest Guilford High School

    2018-19 Dress Code


    This Dress Code has been established at Southwest in order to maintain a positive school climate.  Students are required to adhere to the Dress Code while on every part of campus during regular school hours. The Dress Code is in effect every day of the school year including Exam days.


    There are no color restrictions.  All colors and patterns are now acceptable.

    Pants, shorts, dresses, or skirts (bottoms) no longer have to be solid.

    Plaid, checkered, camouflage, or striped (horizontal or vertical) are now acceptable.


    Shirts (TOPS)

    Students have a choice of:

                COLLARED SHIRT

    • Students can wear a collared golf/polo shirt, oxford style shirt or blouse.
    • The collared shirt (long or short sleeve) must be worn as the primary/outside shirt.   
    • All collared shirts (oxford or polo style) worn by males and females must be BUTTONED  and not worn as a jacket.


    CREW NECK T-SHIRTS (no v-necks)

    • Must be official SW attire
    • Plain, colored t-shirts are not acceptable.
    • Hand written t-shirts are not allowed unless permitted by administration during various time of the year (i.e. spirit week)

    Other important information related to shirts:

    • Shirts need to be completely worn and not simply placed around the neck.
    • Jackets, coats, sweatshirts and sweaters may be worn over the primary shirt, but the collar of the primary shirt must be visible
    • The following regarding tops are not acceptable:
      • Sleeveless garments are not acceptable
      • Males may not wear extra-long shirts
      • T-shirts, camisoles, tank tops, halters, tube tops, corsets, boleros, etc. cannot be worn over collared shirts
      • Sweatshirts, vests, jackets, or hoodies cannot be worn as the primary shirt
      • Sheer, lace or any type of see through garments are not acceptable


    • Dress necklines must be no lower than the top of the armpit and must have sleeves that cover the shoulder entirely.  Dresses must not be shorter than knee length.
    • Sundresses or camisoles may not be worn over collared shirts
    • Maxi dresses must conform to neckline and sleeve criteria
    • No cutouts


    Pants, Shorts, Skirts (BOTTOMS)

    • No leggings, yoga pants, or denim. Form fitting, stretchy knit and appearing to be vacuum sealed bottoms are not appropriate. 
    • Shorts, dresses and skirts hemline (front, back and side hemlines) must fall at the knee, including males.
    • Pants and shorts must fit properly on the hips – NO SAGGING
    • Shorts, boxers, or undergarments are not to be visible above the waist band of the pants
    • Belts are not mandatory as long as pants fit at the waist and are appropriately worn
    • The following regarding bottoms are not acceptable:      
      • Pants with holes or chains are not acceptable
      • Spandex, sweatpants, leggings, yoga pants, and pajama pants are not acceptable
      • Jeans/denim of any color or style are not acceptable
      • Pants made of denim fabric of any color or style are not acceptable
      • Pants that are made of material that resemble jeans are not acceptable
      •  “5 pocket style” pants with rivets are considered denim/jeans and are not acceptable
      • Undergarments are not to be worn as outer garments
      • Garments that do not fit properly - including oversized, undersized, and skin-tight garments


    Headgear, Footwear and Other Items

    • Headgear - Hats, do rags, hoods, earbuds, headphones, beats, sweatbands, bandanas, or sunglasses are not to be worn on campus
    • Hats, hoods and toboggans may be worn outside during the winter.  These will not be allowed in the building
    • All students must wear shoes (flip-flips and sandals are okay). Bedroom shoes are not acceptable
    • Exemptions for religious beliefs will be determined by the administration on a case-by-case basis


    Dress Code Expectations All Day – 180 Days a Year

    • The dress code applies to all students in RS.  Failure to be in dress code in RS results in additional RS assignment.  
    • The dress code applies on exam days.
    • The dress code applies when students go on field trips during the school day. 
    • Students must be in dress code while in the cafeteria for breakfast and lunch
    • Physical education students must dress according to the code when outside of the gym area – including the cafeteria
    • Students who are on their way to or leaving from physical education must be in dress code
    • Students who have late arrival, early dismissal or Weaver must be in dress code while on campus (no exceptions) 
    • School-wide spirit days for dress will be scheduled and announced throughout the year
    • Athletic game day gear and team clothes must conform to the dress code
    • The first week of school will be Spirit and/or Class/Club T-shirt days.  (pants must be in dress code)