Beginning and Intermediate

    Wingate Andrews High School

    Mr. Larry Stowe


    Course Description


    This course is centered around North Carolina Department of Public Instruction's (NCDPI) adoption of the new Common Core Standards for grades 9-12 VISUAL ARTS. Consistent with state curriculum, the Guilford County Schools Visual Arts curriculum implementation aligns with state standards. Which were developed using the most effective academic standards from across the country and around the world. These standards are internationally benchmarked, and are evidence and/or research-based. They will be combined with instruction based on real world experience, and current application of the visual arts.

    The goal of students in this class is to prepare for the next step in their education and/or career in the arts. After completion of this course the student will be ready for Intermediate level Visual art course work. The journey through the essential standards will be based on rigorous practice, application of knowledge, through higher order thinking skills rooted in the foundations of art. This will result in students that will learn deeper content knowledge and acquire valuable authentic skills needed to achieve in a 21st century global society.

    No matter where you are skill or knowledge wise the work will be customized so that the required skills of this course or the ambitions of the student can be met with best out comes in mind. Students will need an “I can”, “I want to” attitude in this class. Everyone can improve and learn. Mistakes are welcome but excellence in practice is expected. Quitting or refusing to do work will not be tolerated because the work will promote craftsmanship, understanding and a knowledge base that each student can build off of for this class and other related classes.


    In VISUAL ARTS Beginning and Intermediate students will be taught based on the following:


    1. Visual Literacy
    2. Contextual Relevancy
    3. Critical Response


    Required Materials- Needed As Soon As Possible (Definitely by the end of the first week of school)

    • Pencils ( extra lead if mechanical)
    • Pens (black or blue, and different colors as well)
    • l pack of colored pencils
      If students are without some thing to write or draw with a writing apparatus will be supply from an array of crayons, marks. These are not ideal for most assignments so please be sure you have your pencils of choice..

      Paper is supply in the front of the class room or in the back of the room when using large formats. 


    Wish List////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

    Architectural Templates



    Mechanical Pencils



    Parallel Rules and Straightedges




    Lettering Stencils and Guides




    Proportion and Perspective Tools



    Other items that could be useful in class but are not required.

    1 pack of colored pencils

    Sketch book or a folder will be constructed in the first few weeks to hold art.

    Drafting pencils 2mm


    Hand Sanitizer

    Hand-held pencil sharpener


    Supporting reference materials for open projects or Literature

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