• This English class is designed to help students improve their skills in writing and reading. There will be a state-mandated North Carolina Final Exam at the end of this course. 


    Tutoring : I am available for tutoring by appointment August-October. October -June, I am available Tuesdays from 3:55-4:55. 


    Acceleration: Acceleration is offered as intervention at the end of each quarter to any student who is failing a course. Students may recover a passing grade of a "D" (60) by completing 100% of the APEX assignments with an overall average no lower than 60 within the quarterly acceleration time frame. 


    Electronic Device Policy: Out of Sight, Out of Sound during class. All cell phones must be turned off and put away during class. Electronic devices may ONLY be used for instructional purposes as directed by content area teacher and during class changes and/or lunch.


    English Department Honor Code: Academic integrity is essential to every learning community. In compliance with Guilford County Schools policy, cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in a zero on the assignment along with disciplinary action. (Violations of the Code of Conduct JDP. Rule 3) Cheating is any practice, method, or assistance, including explicitly forbidden or unmentioned, that involves any degree of dishonesty, fraud, or deceit. Cheating includes plagiarism, which is representing another's ideas or words as one's own. This includes, but not limited to, cheating by giving or receiving any unauthorized aid or assistance or that actual giving or receiving of unfair advantage on any form of academic work, and verbal or written statement of untruth. Each student is responsible for learning and observing appropriate documentation of another's work. All incidents of cheating MUST be reported to administration. 

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